A wonderful list of tips by Jason Royce, posted originally on the Evangelical Alliance website.

A great reminder.



L. Leaders lead. Lead by example. Don’t be afraid to lead by making decisions and communicate them with the team around you.

E. Empower others. The best leaders seem to be able to grow the potential in people around them. Do the things that only you can do and give the rest away.

A. Accountability. Find people who love you enough to ask you difficult questions about character and relationships –give them permission to speak truth into your life.

D. Discipline. Draw clear lines between work and your personal life and help others to do the same. Don’t be distracted by the priorities of others because you can’t do it all. What is God calling YOU to do? Leave the rest.

E. Enjoyment. Leadership has its burdens, but it’s supposed to be fun too. If you’re not enjoying it then make some changes.

R. Rest. Your leadership will be more effective if you’re refreshed by times of rest. You know it’s true. Learn about how you rest best and book some in now.

S. Success. Define success by what happens AFTER you leave. Scary question: “Have I built something that has the life to last beyond me?”

H. Hopefulness. Work it out first with our hope-filled God and then talk about it. Spot hopeful people and spend time with them.

I. Imperfections. Sometimes we can be afraid of them, but we all have them. Those you lead will trust you more when you’re open and honest about your weaknesses.

P. Play! Making time for enjoyment and fun in and out of your role, intentionally switching off is crucial to sustainable leadership.


Jason Royce is director of Romance Academy


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