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Creation Fest is a FREE to attend Music and Bible festival at the Royal Cornwall Showground in Wadebridge, Cornwall. There are many great things about the festival, including a load of awesome bands (70+ this year!), a skate park with pro skate demos, and a ton of family fun and activities. You may think you know all about Creation Fest check out this list of 10 things you may NOT know!


1. Animals!!

This year at Creation Fest we have a ton of new animal experiences including falconry, with some majestic birds and, brace yourselfPONIES. Thats right, we have PONIES! Youll get to meet and hang out with these adorable bundles of joy, along with some full size beauties as well!


2. Donuts!? Donuts.

While hanging out at our festival, we dont want you to go hungry! So we have a TON of good food on site with some seriously awesome vendors, including the especially delicious Dinky Donuts. These are little cinnamon bunches of destiny. Once you start though, you may not be able to stop. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


3. We hold a LEGENDARY Bonfire.

What is better than a giant bonfire on the Cornish countryside with marshmallows, friends, and great live music? Not many things, so dont miss this on Tuesday night at Creation Fest.



4. Crossfit!?

Dont want to mess up your lifting schedule? Feeling a little weary after the overload of Dinky Donuts? Well, we have your back! Check out our Fitness Factory where we have daily CrossFit classes for all fitness levels and an open gym for those who want to grind at their own pace!


5. Kids have all the fun!

Every day during the festival, kids ages 5-11 at Creation Fest get to hang out, sing songs, watch skits, enjoy lessons, and have talent shows! Dont miss their enthusiastic choir performance on Friday at the festival after a full week of Ocean Commotion joy!



Every day at 9PM in the Tube Café we have the Chocolate Club, which is when we serve FREE hot chocolate for all! Im serious, you are not dreaming!



Yes, we do have hot chocolate on here twice. We are not messing around. And neither is the Full Monty, the most intense Hot Chocolate experience of all time found only in the Big Shed Café. With Great Chocolate, comes great Deliciousity. Serving suggestion: with a good movie!


8. Sports Everyday!

Just ate lunch, want to burn a few calories? Brought your father-in-law, and want to win him over? Have literally zero athletic ability but still like to have fun? Come to the sports area and have a blast playing tons of different sports and games every day during the festival!


9. Open Mic, WHAT.

Do you have a love for music? Are you a secret slayer on the tuba? Do you sometimes have the desire to break out into Dont Stop Believing? Does a spotlight randomly shine on you every time you enter a room? No? Yes? Well regardless, do not miss our Open Mic nights where you can play your favorite song, sing your heart out, or tell us your favourite jokes. Dont be afraid to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!!


10. FIREWORKS. Nuff Said.

Is this even real? Oh yes it is. Were gonna let those colors burst. We are having a firework night. Let that sink in. Some may think it will be at the very end of the festival, but oh no, this divine decree of lights is happening on Sunday night, starting off the festival with a bang! Even though it is at the beginning, spoiler alert, every night of this festival will feel like a firework show, bursting with all things fun and magnificent! Seriously, for your own good, DO NOT MISS THIS FESTIVAL!

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