A Piece of Blue Sky by Virginia Duhanes, is the second in her series “Conversations with a Loving Father.” Following on from Inspirations from a Paper Boat, Virginia continues her wonderfully descriptive dialogue and how God speaks to her through the situations she finds herself in. This book is especially poignant as it embraces the difficulties experienced in her own life during the time her husband is diagnosed with cancer and how, even during these dark times God encourages and keeps hold of her.

Each conversation, beautifully illustrated with Virginia’s own photography, is a treasure that you will want to return to again and again.

“He showed me a huge jigsaw puzzle. The top half of the picture was just plain blue sky…..I began to think that my life was like one of those hundreds of pieces of ordinary blue sky – just one of many identical pieces that all looked the same and had no particular value of their own – unless they’d gone missing! ….How boring to be ‘just a piece of blue sky’ – and then a voice gently began to question me: Would you want to miss being your  piece of blue sky if an angel on a mission to earth flew through you one day – don’t you want to be there then?

Read the following chapter samples:

There are angels all around!
I want the seeds from your life not the petals!

Proceeds from the sale of the book support the work of The Leprosy Mission.

Available at www.tlmtrading.com

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