amifilm-logoRemember the Praise Bus?  The Lord has given us another vision to prepare for something bigger.
The dream is for a 20 minute film, called ‘I.AM’ aimed at bringing the grace and love of God to all communities, fanning out across the nation, in the days and weeks before and after The Queen’s Baton relay. The baton will travel 4 days in Ireland,  6 in Wales, 16 in England and 40 in Scotland.
‘I.AM’ is a unique, cutting edge, musical film, being produced to appeal to those with no Christian connection, who have very little time.
The production will be shown outside of church parameters, i.e pop up coffee shops/village halls/schools/prisons/pubs etc. where people will be able to enjoy a coffee, sit back, relax and watch a 20 minute film, giving churches an exciting, very different and easy to use tool to bless their communities.
Please visit our website:
Briefings will be held around the country, encouraging and helping churches find the best way to reach their neighbourhood with this film. If you would like someone to visit your church/community to run a briefing or you have other questions or requests, please email us on:  We will be delighted to reply.
Updates will be sent regularly and there will be blogs on our Facebook site which will grow with production. Please pass this email on to your friends and contact us if you would like to be on our mailing list.
Organiser: Christine Bonfield
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