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Hello my dear and precious family in London and throughout the United Kingdom. As I pray for you this night, I felt the Holy Spirit impress upon me a word God gave me last July for the USA, but I knew it was for the entire Body of Christ. I want to post this word maybe to encourage those who will be “walking in new direction” amidst those didn’t sense God’s shifting and now may be walking “through the crowds.”

What God is about to do in your nation is beyond anything we have ever seen or heard. It is “new,” not to God, but to us. This new doesn’t fit into old wine skins. The spiritual apathy in our nation is most severe. We in the States are surely becoming to have a “form of godliness” but denying the power thereof?

I know on Christian TV, things look so good with the thousands and thousands of people in attendance, but the church here is void of God’s manifest presence and His Glory being seen more than one could realize? From your nation once again, not only will be there be a great awakening, but the “final chapter” will begin to unfold of the Spiritual revolution God is bringing to go forth to the world.

Things won’t stay the same. But again, I write, it won’t look like what many are expecting. Nor will it come in a way that many are predicting. Nor will those of “repute” be many if any of the leaders God will use to bring this forth.

As you know, I know no one personally there, no one, not one ministry. So I don’t even know those who would be of “repute” or not, so I can write this with no bias or worldly influence toward anyone, since I don’t even know any of you that write on this site.

If I have heard correctly, what man often plans to prepare for the coming move of God, are not God’s plan and He does not come the way a man thinks. So it is important, even critical that we dare not move without a “sure word of God” and His “understanding” of those very words.

Perhaps this word I will post will shed to someone some light that may be needed to understand the “blowing of the wind” that is about to come and it’s purpose. Please pray about it, over it, to see if this is from the Lord to you or the precious family in England. If not please disregard it.

A Change of Direction
Prophetic Word for July 2011

At our Encounter God time last night, the Lord led me to truly see the sins in our lives and in His people. I had to sing in repentance for the sin that is in the house of God, our personal lives, and the Temple of His Holy Spirit. As I began this heart cry of repentance, I could see the Blood of Jesus pouring like a river to forgive us and wash us of this sin. We had to stay in this waterfall of blood over us until we were cleansed and washed.

As I sensed this cleansing the Lord began to immediately lift me up above this waterfall of blood to the place I could see Luke Chapter 14 as a reality. I saw in Heaven a beautiful table prepared with the choicest foods and a voice cry, “All things are now ready, come.” Then I saw multitudes of Christians in the USA, look up and hear His voice, but one by one they said, “No, don’t come now Jesus, I am not ready, I have to provide for my family. I have a job.”

Then another said, “ No, not just yet Jesus, give me a little bit of time. I have a wife and kids that need my attention, come back later.” Then I heard another say, “Lord, you can’t come now, I have to take care of my house. I have to pay for the mortgage. Let me do this first, and then I will come.”
With those words, I saw like a parade of people that made up this group of “invited ones.”

Then all of a sudden, the wind that was blowing in the same direction with this people changed direction. It changed in a moment like the “twinkling of an eye,” and began to blow with a violent force and blow in their faces. The amazing thing was from a distance this group of people did not feel or recognize the divine change that just happened by the Spirit of God.

I began to sing, the wind has changed, the direction has changed, new direction has come, a new dimension of God’s Glory has come. Yet, the people still walked as if in a parade the way they were previously going. I could feel the heartbreak of the Lord and His righteous anger, then I heard, “Come for all things are now ready. Go servant of the Lord, to the highway and by-ways.”

At that word, I was drawn to see the group of people even closer.
In the midst of this vast amount of people, only a handful in the parade heard, turned, and changed their direction and went where the wind was now blowing. I would say 5 or 10 out of 100,000 people. The ones that did hear and feel the wind change direction, suddenly had to push through this great “city” of people to go forth with this new direction and mission from God. Then a cry came up in my spirit in song: “Come forth all ye that are blind, Come forth all ye lame, Come forth all ye that are halt.” Then I knew the wind was sent to go and get the “uninvited ones” and get them quickly because time was short.

This wind had power to go and compel them to come into the House of the Lord. It was here I saw the handful of those who felt and heard the wind shift come out from amongst the others. They were now being sent forth as harvesters for the Lord. Only a few of this army “parade” heard and felt the change of direction. Those who did respond were immediately given a new access with God. A new dimension of Glory and a new dimension of authority was given to them. They were to go into the highway and byways with the compelling power of the Lord. They would be used to bring in this end time harvest of the Lord.

From June 1, 2011 or so, the Lord told me something was going to happen on July 1st. He told me I would bring forth a new prophetic word for the 1st of July. I was expecting it as a “spoken and revealed word to me” in my spirit. I had a sense that God was about to change directions, so to speak, and was about to bring forth a “new thing.” I didn’t know it would come through a prophetic song and vision.

As I began to go up into the higher realm of the Lord, I had a sense the majority were going to miss it. Only what seemed like a handful would make it into this new direction from the Lord. Those who didn’t recognize and turn where the wind was leading them were going to miss their destiny. They couldn’t feel the wind that was pushing them was now in front of them blowing in their faces.

In this realm my thoughts were, “I hope this is not all that are going to come and recognize that you just moved in a new direction.” I hoped I was seeing the beginning of this event where the few get things started. However, I didn’t get a sense that others would turn around because of the “excuses” they had given the Lord. I felt that many missed their moment, and now had to find the Lord on a much lesser realm then His intention.

I also knew in my spirit that the spiritual place that they should’ve received from the Lord was being ripped from them and given to another. It reminded of me of the days like King Saul and David. God was choosing another to come into this place. These “uninvited ones” the religious would call the blind, crippled, halt, and not ones “you would ever want to have in your church.”

These “uninvited ones” now were given the opportunity to eat from this feast from the table of the Lord. This allowed them to become all God desired for them. The difference was these “uninvited ones” were willingly were going to give the Lord all they had, all they would have, and all they would ever be to become His Bride. They left at once when the Master called and made no excuses. They just obeyed and came when they were called.

Beloved readers, a change has come positionally in the Lord in our nation. July 1st God has brought a great change in our nation and in His church. I don’t know exactly what that change is. Only a remnant of God’s people have allowed the Lord to do what he needed to do in them to sense the change that had occurred. These saints have been trained to move on a moment’s notice. They are also ready and know that their lives will be much different. Even their present work in God will change.

They may even move to other geographical locations as the Lord would instruct. Pastors who have sensed this change, will be willing to give up their churches to others, to go where the Wind of God would lead them. Many other Saints as well will be willing to leave everything, and go where this wind of God’s Holy Spirit is blowing. The remnant of the invited ones that heard the wind change have been prepared for His end time purpose.

Then I heard, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” I am unsure if any other people would be added to this company of invited ones because of the excuses they had made before God.

Beloved, the Lord spoke to me many years ago that He was taking us past His river that we experienced in Toronto. He was going to bring forth a new dimension of Glory by revealing the very flame of God behind the veil. This flame is the place God wants us to live and dwell in. The change He had me sing about and showed me in this vision is to bring about a dimensional change for his Bride, His Sons, to walk and live in. It will require only one thing of thosewho can hear, feel and sense this change. That is to obey at once and come, for all things are ready for those desiring this change.

I got a sense like when the Lord called Peter, James and John while they were fishing, the Bible says, “straightway they left their nets and went to follow Him.” This is a picture of this divine shift of the wind. They turned and changed their direction to follow Him just by the words Jesus spoke. So it will be with those that have and ear to hear what the Spirit of God says to the church.

The shift of the wind and the new direction God is desiring to bring his Bride and Sons has come for the rest of this year 2011. It is going to unfold before our eyes here in the States and maybe the world as well. May we be found in that company that heard the wind, felt its change of direction, and have turned with that wind.

The Lord showed me in this vision that the wind was necessary. It was the force that would lift us up into a unity with the Lord as full grown sons and our becoming a wheel within a wheel. This wind would help us to become the wheel within the wheel that Ezekiel saw in Heaven and on Earth! God is making a people who will be filled with the Glory of the Lord, and move only when the wind blows and lifts the wheels on earth with the wheel of our Lord in Heaven. The wheel is being formed now! The “invited ones” had the chance to become this wheel but, the excuses they had made became a song in Heaven against God’s will.

It is imperative that we who have sensed this shift in the Spirit begin to cooperate with the “new way” God is making in the wilderness for us now. It will take a willingness to give up our lives as we have known it, our ministries as we have known it, and everything we have known to blow where the wind is blowing and to become a wheel within a wheel. A people truly born again of the spirit of God. The wind blows where it wills. You don’t know where it comes from or where it goes, such are those born of the Spirit.

There is a spiritual equipping God is now bringing to those being formed into those servants by a new dimension of His Glory that will release a compelling “prophetic voice” within them. The new dimension can only come by being in the new direction God has brought forth for the rest of this year. John, the beloved, when he was caught up to God on the Isle of Patmos said, “I turned behind me to see the “voice” that spoke to me as a war trumpet.

That revelation, the voice speaking to him, caused him to turn around and put his face “in a new direction!” He beheld the “fullness of God’s Glory in the person of Jesus and fell like a dead man. This turn around will come to us also, if we have ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the church. We must now give the Lord the totality of our being in “willing submissiveness!” He will lead us into a new place of Glory if we will turn with the changing of the wind.

To experience the shift of the wind we must eliminate every excuse when He calls us to come and says, “All things are now ready.” Our only reply can be, “Here I am Lord, send me!” May we have hearing ears and a willing heart to obey the Spirit of God in this hour.

That is it! I truly believe a new direction and instruction is coming for your nation. It won’t be like what you have known in the past or even like any other move of God you have seen before. This will be different and the workings of God will be unlike what anyone has seen up to this point since the book of Acts.

I know many of you are praying diligently. I felt the Lord say, to thank each and everyone of you for doing so. You have truly blessed his heart and you will not be caught unawares for he will give you the blueprints and instructions as He wills exactly when you need it. Be encouraged faithful ones of the Lord. May God Bless you and prepare you for all that is about to come forth! You are much loved by our Lord!

In His love for you all,

Henry Falcone
Flame of Fire Ministries:

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