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A Pale HorseThe film rights have been sold for the first film in the trilogy, The Fall of Lucifer and is now in production.

Wendy Alec’s epic Chronicles of Brothers saga continues in the eagerly anticipated fourth book.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rides ….. ‘Operation Pale Horse’ is activated. The mark of the beast is released.

The AntiChrist rises…..

It is the year 2024

The Tribulation is here

The long awaited One World Government ‘Axis 10 Accord’ is finalised in Iraq

Israel is halfway through her denuclearization agreement.

Martial Law is declared in London, Dublin, New York.

Sucked into a dark supernatural world of demonized beings, Nephilim, fallen archangels and UFOs, Jason De Vere, Media Mogul, runs for his life.

His deadliest enemy, once his closest friend and brother, is now intent on his destruction.

Deep within the bio-containment vaults of St Michael’s Mount, Normandy, Adrian De Vere conspires to stage a global pandemic – as the black plague is released.

The frozen wastes of Antartic release their grisly secret – the terrible secret that could now set in motion the annihilation of the entire human race

The day of the Nephilim approaches

The pale horse rides…..

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  1. February 16, 2016

    Snuggled UP by the Driftwood fire in St Agnes

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