I have had at least 3 or 4 pictures of large waves coming in & stirring things up & overflowing over the past year!

The latest wave one was of 4 waves each bigger than the last coming this year. They are breaking into a pool & look quite dramatic but even more disturbance is going on below the surface. The pool overflows more & more with each wave. These 4 waves represent different depths in relationship with the father and develop from Praying to Caring to Hearing and Sharing as we really get to know the father’s heart more and more!

 A brief history of the past 12 months or so…

Jan 2011: There was also  the walking along a path and walking into a waterfall of anointing.

I hadn’t remembered but this came with it too! I am placing an anointing on you that you have never had before. The road before you is a straight path to take you to the place where my glory falls, where you will be satisfied.

Then there was the banquet table with all sorts of things and I came and took a golden trumpet. (I also had the word to write down all that I see!)

I was on a deserted beach with a flat calm sea absolutely nothing on the horizon then I was out at sea and a HUGE wave was building out of sight of the shore.

We look and we don’t see any answers but God is already answering. Nothing seems to be changing.

The huge wave finally comes and sweeps everything away. In particular, structures are broken down.

We have a choice to run away or to welcome the wave, to get into the water, to be immersed and carried away into God’s purposes.

It is coming in a breakthrough & a refreshing. It will break down structures that hold you and tie you down and open you up for me to make things new.

Similarly, I saw fire come down on buildings and burn them up, in particular the structure was burnt away.

At various times I’ve heard a big bell ringing (started about July 2010) – its time! (Actually this was repeated recently – God is doing a new thing now!)

From this week (2 September 2012)

1.     A very tall, large strong white horse comes and is waiting. He seems to want you to get on. However, there are natural concerns. Its too high to easily get on, there’s no reins & no saddle! You need to trust that God has sent the right thing and not worry about the details. It may seem risk but you need to take that leap and get on the horse, so that it can take you where you need to go.

2.     You are in God’s presence & connected. Gold dust falls like dust in sunbeams in an autumn wood. It is God’s glory and it is covering you! In certain areas it is falling and building into piles of gold dust. These are God’s provision and seeds to sow. When you go out into the world, people will see the glory and be drawn to you. All you have to do is sow the seeds He has given you.

Source: Peter Edwards, 2010-2012.

  1. September 16, 2012

    This is awesome.What a beautiful vivid picture.I would most definitely like to swim into the open arms of our loving God.Even tho I cannot swim He most certainly rescue me.

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