“Come unto me” Matthew 11:28
“Abide in me” John 15:4

A Christian Classic, Abide in Christ is Andrew Murray’s most popular work. In 31 chapters, recommended read a chapter a day for a month, Andrew Murray encourages us to abide in Christ, reinforcing all the different ways and benefits of doing so, and how Christ Himself keeps us abiding in Him, despite our weaknesses.

Written in the 19th century, it is sometimes slow reading, but persevere for there are many, many truths and insights that will keep you close to God. Over the years Andrew Murray has influenced many by his work, including Jessie Penn-Lewis, a key figure in the 1904-1905 Welsh Revival. His writings have also greatly influenced the writings of both Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.

A favourite excerpt to give you a taste of the delights in this book:

“To testify of the Saviour as the Coming One, we must be abiding in and bearing the image of Him as the Glorified One. Not the correctness of the views we hold, nor the earnestness with which we advocate them, will prepare us for meeting Him, but only the abiding in Him. Then only can our being manifested in glory with Him be what it is meant to be – a transfiguration, a breaking out and shining forth of the indwelling glory that had been waiting for the day of revelation…..Once again the question comes: Can a feeble child of dust really dwell in fellowship with the King of Glory? And again the blessed answer has to be given: To maintain that union is the very work for which Christ has all power in heaven and earth at His disposal. The blessing will be given to him who will trust his Lord for it, who in faith and confident expectation ceases not to yield himself to be wholly one with Him.”

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