Many charities and churches in Cornwall may be able to use this resource to directly help those who are in poverty.

The project is called Acts 453, and is advertised as ‘Giving to anyone who has a need’. It is a website that allows people to give money directly to others. Managed through a network of churches and local charities, their goal is to get 100% of donations quickly to those in need.

Here’s the website if you would like to take a look

How it may work for charities and churches:

If you register with the programme (for free!), you can submit requests on behalf of those who are in need of something specific, for example; a family in debt who are in need of a fridge, children in need of new bedding, a train ticket to make an important appointment, etc. Requests are capped at £120. The request takes about 10 minutes to complete and submit to the website where it goes live for 2 weeks in which donors pledge their monetary support. Once the target has been reached, the money goes to you (the charity or the church) for you to administer to those you submitted the request for – either by purchasing the required item, or by giving the money to the recipient.


Acts 435 was originally set up 3 years ago by Archbishop of York and a philanthropist with a vision, it has been very successful so far and has undergone few tweaks to make it easier to use and is now running smoothly. It may sound too good to be true, however, there is a very high success rate – very few have not reached their target.

Apparently donors are responding, loving the way they can help an individual or family in such a direct way, so the project is very keen to get more churches and charities involved and therefore be able to help more people.  It is free to sign up and very simple to use.

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