The idea behind this blog is to basically have a place where I can post my thoughts on Theology , Life and the Christian Journey that I am on.
Often during Church services and in other settings I get ideas for sermons, preaches, or talks but I hardly ever go back to those thoughts to develope them futher. This space therefore is where I elborate on the thoughts that I had previously jotted down on my tablet (sorry pen and paper). Hopefully you will get something from the articles that I will write here and be encouraged, inspired and motivated to process and discuss them.

A brief history of me….

I became a Christian on the 15th May 2005 at a Youth Event at a local Hotel
In 2008 I got married to the love of my Life
2007 – 2010 I studied at Mattersey Hall Bible College and gained a BA Hons Degree in Theology and a Diploma in Christian Leadership (With distinction may I add, well I only got a 2.2 in the degree)
2011 -2015 Trained and now passed as a full accredited minister in the AOG
2015 decided to start a blog to organise my thoughts.

E-Mail: alexstledger@live.co.uk

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