Lending to the Lord CDRod and Becky McGlade and a few friends have joined together to create a new worship CD to raise funds for the Kiamunyi Baby Rescue and Mission Centre in Kenya.

All by Grace: Lending to the Lord is a 10-track album containing new songs and traditional hymns, some recorded in Rod and Becky’s studio and some recorded live at Stirring of the Waters Ministries, Penryn. Everyone involved in the CD is linked to Stirring of the Water Ministries and every penny raised from this CD (100%) will go to Kiamunyi. All costs of the production have been met by those involved in the production process. Read more about the CD here.

You can purchase the CD for a minimum donation of £5. Please take into account the postage costs when you order. Please place your order via the Contact page for Kiamunyi Baby Rescue and Mission Centre.

Kiamunyi Baby Rescue and Mission Centre is an initiative of the African Children’s Fund, supported by Stirring of the Water Ministries, Penryn. The Centre is due to open in 2012 and will take in babies who would otherwise be left to die. Each baby will be cared for, loved and nourished by a team of carers and the on-base houseparents. The aim is to save lives and to find loving local adoptive parents for the babies as soon as possible.

Listen to a song from the album on YouTube:

Imran Qureshi


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