As One Devil To Another

Richard Platt did not begin writing until his early forties, but his debut “As One Devil to Another” has received accolades from CS Lewis scholars and fans alike and he is now working on a stage version.

In a modern homage to CS Lewis classic “The Screwtape Letters,” Platt presents us with a series of letters between the devil Slashreap and his nephew Scardagger. In these letters Slashreap trains his new apprentice in the wiles of tempting souls and securing their downward demise. All the decisions we are faced with in today’s society are picked over with witty insights, including the outfall from the sexual revolution and technology. Slashreap’s horrified outbursts at his nephew appear hilariously incongruous yet illuminate how the most innocent of ocurrences can become the most powerful.

You can buy As One Devil to Another from Amazon or Sacred Place.

Donated by Tynedale for the Treasure Book Hunt

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