Offence is one of the most damaging temptations employed by Satan, ripping churches, communities and nations apart. Most of those ensnared by it are unaware of it.

Jesus told us that “It is impossible that no offences should come” (Luke 17:1)

When I was first given this book I became offended at it! When precious metals are refined the dross (aka mess!) rises to the surface so it can be skimmed off by the one refining it. I discovered that there were many things I took offence at and I had to live with the damage it was doing to my heart for months before I was willing to address it and allow God to clean it off me. I found that offence always justifies itself, it is intolerant of others’ weaknesses, it hates mercy, hardening the heart and throwing its owner into a prison of unforgiveness and bitterness, simply because pride demands that it is right. Offence always leads us out of God’s will. Although I initially became offended at this book, it is now a treasured source of help whenever offence tries to ensnare me again. We can all give offence, usually unintentionally, but we can choose whether we take offence and stay in it.

One Amazon reviewer commented that “Things you never thought as offenses actually are, and boy, does that put a whole new slant on life!”

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