We are delighted with the response to THE BIBLE series on Channel 5. The consolidated figures for the first episode (including those watching via “on demand”) now comes to 1.8m – which is a 7.0% share of the viewing public.

Next Saturday (14th December at 9pm on Ch5) the story moves on and Jesus makes his first appearance. As Elaine Duncan of the Scottish Bible Society puts it:

‘The harsh realities of human life we’ve seen portrayed in THE BIBLE so far leave me with a mix of admiration for humanity and desperation that we get it wrong so much of the time. As the Old Testament ends, the questions hang in the air. Is there hope for humanity?  Does God care? Will he come to the rescue? Will his promises be kept? The answers begin to unfold in the next episode – on Channel 5 at 9pm on December 14th. Don’t miss it!’

If you are preparing for Christmas events, please download and use the special Nativity clip and the amazingly powerful choir video and music sheets. The arrival of Jesus comes at just the right time as people are getting their Christmas presents – and what better gift to give than the DVD or Blu-ray of THE BIBLE series. This is released on 26th Dec but is available as a special Christmas Gift through our unique gifting facility at www.thebibleuk.org/gift.

Speaking of gifts… we are pleased to know that so many churches and organisations are giving out free copies of the official Souvenir Guide at their Christmas Carol events. There is still time for you to get your copies from www.thebibleuk.org/resources-souvenirguide.

But now we have some wonderful breaking news! We have been concerned that many people who are interested in the Bible do not have friends or local churches who will give them a free copy of the Souvenir Guide. So we are thrilled to announce that our friends at Bible Society are stepping in with a special gift offer. They have bought a bulk quantity of the official Souvenir Guide and are offering free individual copies to any person or family who would like one – just order on their website.

This is a marvellous example of generosity at this Christmas period. Perhaps it will spur us all on to follow their example and buy bulk quantities to give to our own friends, neighbours and work colleagues – to encourage them to join with us in watching the series on Channel 5.

At this Christmas period, let’s all invite others to join with us in watching the birth of Jesus in the next episode on 9pm on Saturday 14th December on Channel 5 – and giving the DVD or Blu-ray as a Christmas gift.

Yours truly,

Nick Pollard
Co-founder of Damaris and co-leader of THE BIBLE UK Team

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