Burning QuestionsRob Frost was a Methodist Minister driven by a passion to share Jesus, and constantly challenging comfortable Christianity. Known for his radio show and pioneering events such as Easter People, Rob also wrote numerous books, including Burning Questions, which also became a play.

Rob Frost made time for people. He was a great enabler and placed a frightening amount of confidence in his friends, especially young leaders! Countless people found their way into full-time Christian ministry or to some kind of Christian service or mission, through him. He recognised people’s gifts and entrusted them with huge amounts of responsibility.

Easter People came to an end on its 20th anniversary and Rob himself passed away soon afterwards. He’d already been handing over much of the work of Share Jesus International to young people under the leadership of his son, Andy.

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Burning Questions is also available on Amazon

  1. May 26, 2016

    Admiring history in the Sloop Studios, St Ives

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