Many will be familiar with Trypraying’s logo which is outside many churches, with the excellent evangelistic booklet designed for non-Christians around the simple question:  ‘Why don’t you try praying?’, and with the campaign over 2 weeks each March called ‘Use it and lose it’ accompanied by bus adverts: ‘Use it’ – One Sunday everyone is given a copy of the trypraying booklet to use themselves; ‘Lose it’ – the next Sunday everyone is encouraged to look for a God-given opportunity to give the booklet to a friend, colleague or whoever they meet. Subsequently ‘news it’ by asking people to tell the stories of what has happened as people have prayed and shared their faith.

In 2016 Trypraying are launching a new Lent prayer guide called ‘Catching the Wave’.  Over the 40 days from 10 February to 26 March (excluding Sundays) users of the guide will pray for friends to become Christians, their own ‘big issue’ and for revival in our society.  The 40 days will include the ‘Use it and lose it’ campaign in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of March.

The aim this year is to have the Trypraying logo on buses in every city, town and rural community and in March to have at least 1000 churches nationwide where people are praying and sharing their faith, through using the booklet, in connection with the advertising campaign.

It’s the biggest challenge Trypraying have taken on, with a target of £80,000 to be raised to meet all costs by the end of January!  But we serve a mighty God – the ‘God of the impossible’!  To join in and support, contact the Trypraying team, receive information as it is published and be advised when the prayer guide will be available, email:  or visit   

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