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Catch The Fire TVCatch The Fire is the family of churches that were birthed out of the revival at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in 1994. They have been broadcasting live meetings and services around the world through since 1996.

All of the  live broadcasts from Catch The Fire TV will be available for free on their new YouTube channel at, where you will also be able to find archived footage of previous broadcasts. From YouTube you can share the videos easily with others, embed them in your own website, and more. Previously, the videos were only available via a paid subscription.

In 1994, God started a revival in Toronto that continues to this day. In 1996, we put that revival on the internet, streaming the nightly meetings and weekend church services to the entire world. Between now and then, thousands of people have tuned in to CatchTheFire.TV to watch people encounter their Heavenly Father, to see the Holy Spirit unlock years of pain, and to see Jesus being praised…We want to throw the doors wide open to all that God has done and is continuing to do in Toronto and around the world.”

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