Changes to Time Out Mission International

Over the last five years, Time Out Mission has been a vehicle through which the Lord has brought many people together in various ways. We are so grateful to the Lord for His graciousness in allowing us to carry such a precious message and for the many people around the world who have partnered with us. In particular Time Out Mission brought together its directors to seek the Lord and work together to pioneer a new movement that was focussed on preparing for the Lord’s Return. At the heart of this message is the Kingdom and the Bride and we have done our best to spread that message around the world.

Over these last five years, Time Out Mission has undergone numerous changes to adapt and incorporate the fresh revelations, insights, expansion and lessons we needed to learn along the way. This development time required the directors to work together in a concentrated effort to “birth” this new movement and to oversee its growth, and now the greatest change awaits. There is a word in English called “chrysalis”, it is the outer shell used when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, it gives protection and covering for new life to form and emerge, its purpose is temporary and in the end there is both death and new life. Just like Jesus taught us, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies in remains a single seed. In the same way, we believe Time Out Mission has been this protective covering or seed to allow new life to emerge, but it is never about us and always about the Lord. Time Out Mission was never intended to become an organisation, (although, human nature being what it is, there has always been a pressure to become one) but we have always sought to encourage and empower indigenous leadership to work together in unity with understanding that the church is the bride commissioned to transform their geographical regions through the Kingdom of God. So now we believe the purpose of the “chrysalis” is complete and there is new life that has come out of the old. There is no sadness only great joy. For this reason, the work of Time Out Mission international has been completed and is radically changing into a new form.

The one seed is becoming many, and this will be evident at every level. At one level, the directors are releasing one another into their individual calling, but remain committed to assist one another, at another level all national representation of Time Out Mission are now fully released to take their mandate and run with the vision that God has given to them autonomously. There is no organisation but there remains a network called Body and the Bride served by Howard Barnes, and he is contacting the Time Out Mission family around the world to share in more detail about the changes taking place. This has always been the passion and individual calling of Howard in connecting and bringing people together, to raise bridal awareness of the global church. Similarly the other directors Bryan Waters and Mike Pike will continue to have input into the Body and the Bride but are also released to pursue more fully their own personal mandate.

We realise this may raise many questions, and you are welcome to contact us to discuss or share your views. As mentioned Howard will be continuing to communicate and assist wherever possible.

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