Countdown to Creation Fest 16 - Abi Jopson Interview

It’s the dream of many young people to make it in the music industry, a dream that many never realise. So it was a real pleasure to interview Abi Jopson from Plymouth, who has a dream to communicate to the hurting through her music and has taken the first steps to make this a reality. She has made the first step, in April she released her first single and music video on iTunes and was voted into number 8 in the AstepFWD UK Christian Single top 10 for the same month. In the last couple of weeks she has released her first album called “I Owe You”.

Catch Abi Jopson live at Creation Fest ’16 @ 1pm on Sunday in the Big Shed Cafe


Abi, How are you?

I’m good thank you.

You are just setting out on a career in music?

Yes I’ve only just started. I’ve just released my first single at the beginning of April so, yeah it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster and it’s really exciting.

How are you feeling about the single, how has it done?

I don’t actually find out how it’s done on iTunes yet because it takes a month and a half.

That’s helpful!

So I don’t really know but I’ve had a really good response from people’s feedback which is really good and it got to number 10 in the iTunes charts so it must have sold a few which is good.

Do you get some money from that?

Well I don’t find out for a month and a half.

I’m guessing it’s not about the money though?

No definitely not!

So what is it about for you?

For me it’s about spreading situations that I have had in my life and how God has helped me in situations. Being able to actually share that with people through music, because music is such a powerful way to move people, to touch people and to speak into people’s lives. It’s such a privilege just to be able to write songs that help people in situations and people can learn from the things that I have gone through and just be able to support people in what they are going through, through it [the music].

You are quite a young lady, how many situations can you possibly have been through?

Well teenage years!! There are obviously quite a lot of situations in that! It’s just things that I have learnt. Both my Grandparents have passed away which was quite difficult because I was really close to both of them. Situations like that, just growing up and all the publicity about body image and all that sort of thing which is such a big thing through your teenage years. Obviously I have gone through all that and I am now secure in who I am, and just being able to spread that word and be able to encourage other people is such a blessing.

You have released a single, but what is your way into the market?

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Abi Jopson’s first album “I Owe You”

I have release a single and a music video which the LED? band helped me with because they have all the kit for that. Then I have an album coming out in the Summer (now available here) it’s quite difficult to publicise from scratch, but everybody who has listened to my music has given positive feedback which is really encouraging. There have been so many opportunities that I do really believe are just completely God given. I really believe that God will use my music as much or as little as He wants, so yeah I put my faith in that really.

So you’re not out busking on the streets or anything like that? You’re not taking the Daughters of Davis route!

I’m definitely taking every opportunity that I am given.

So where has this come from, is your family musical?

Yes my Dad plays in the band, he was playing Bass for me today and he used to write songs when he was a teenager with his friends. So when I was younger he used to play the guitar and I would sing along, there are videos of me about 4 years old doing that, and we’ve kind of done that my whole life. Then in my early teens he taught me how to play the guitar and I started writing my own songs after that and he has alway accompanied me and its a thing we’ve done together which is really nice. Now my boyfriend Matt is playing in the band as well, he’s my drummer, so yeah I’ve just grown up with it my whole life. I do the worship at church, I help with that, I’ve done the Unity Festival which is a festival on Plymouth Hoe, that’s probably the first proper gig I did.

You mentioned church there, you are a Christian now, has that always been the case, have you always gone to church?

My parents are both born-again Christians, so I’ve always been to church and always loved going to church. There have obviously been times when it’s been a bit of a chore. There are times when your faith is really strong and times when your faith is a bit weaker. I have really pulled through in that and I do really believe in it and it’s helped me through the situations. In fact that is what most of my songs are about, is actually my faith in God, and how God has helped me and how I put my trust in him.

Putting music to one side for a minute. As a young Christian, what age was it that you thought that this is for you?

I remember when I went to Spring Harvest in Minehead when I was 7, and they were talking about Heaven and how if you became a Christian then you would have eternal life in heaven. I had heard it before, growing up in church that’s what you hear a lot of the time, but this time it really spoke to me and I responded that day. That was the day that I first gave my life to God. I got baptised in 2010 because I really wanted to have a public declaration of my faith and take the next step. I have been going to things like Soul Survivor and stuff which really just helps to build your faith back up if you’re going through a difficult time.

Is there still something in Church for you as a young person?

Yes definitely.

I am asking because there is a perception in the Media that church is just an old person’s thing.

No, definitely not! My church has a massive youth group my age, and we have loads of students that go there. Most of my closest friends are from church, my boyfriend is from church and I have made such good friends, there are so many people your age, it’s not the traditional thing where you sing old hymns which nobody knows, but actually it’s got really up to date songs, we’ve got a really good band at my church with brass and everything. It’s definitely, definitely for my age group.

So coming back to the music what is next?

Well I have the Innocence Conference coming up in October, Pulse in November and I am playing at Creation Fest later this year, also Unity Festival, and I am going on tour with Julie Elias who is an American singer. So I will be going on tour in October as well which is really exciting.

That sounds like things are going well. What is your desire for people listening to your music? What do you want them to take away from what you give out on stage?

I really want them to take away the message, that’s why I write, it’s more for the words and it’s just a way to be able to communicate it. Whenever I have responded to anything or anything has really touched me then it’s normally been through music. It seems to be able to hit spots that just talking to somebody can’t which is really good, so yeah for people to take away the music, to listen to it and let it speak into their lives and encourage them!

Abi was talking to One Man In The Middle

You can catch Abi performing for free at the Big Shed Cafe at CreationFest on Sunday – More Details.

Abi’s album “I Owe You” is available now on iTunes and Amazon

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