Defenders of Barracrail In the Skeleton Archipelago, Daniel is tormented by guilt over his father’s death on a failed mission to recover a stolen Barracrail Treaty. In search of why his father was willing to die for the Treaty, and why he was so desperate to steal it, Daniel, and two comrades, Josh and Erin, are plunged into a fast-paced adventure into subterranean worlds, mountains and castles and onboard the beloved Emerald Rogue; a schooner captained by the mysterious Jodan Tasker. They eventually confront Siberius; a dragon capable of transfiguration and about to assume total domination of the Archipelago.

“This is classical fantasy in the ultimate of the genre – read and be enthralled. Elgin is set to be a character who will inspire the dreams of children desperate for a good read.” G.P. Taylor, bestselling author of Shadowmancer, Wormwood, Tersias

“If you like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings you’ll love this book. It has everything from pirates, dragons and mythical beings to epic battles. I was hooked from beginning end and I can’t wait for the next book in the trilogy to find out what happens next in the saga” Lamorna Cove Reader from Amazon

Donated by author Mike Pike for our Treasure Hunt.

Defenders of Barracrail is also available from Amazon

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