The meditation cards are sold by Degibna Prayer Chapel as part of their commitment to encourage prayer.

Each pack contains 8 different cards (+ envelopes) with local views on the front and a scripture and short meditation inside with room also for a personal message.

For example, one card shows a view of Loe Pool with the meditation inside …
“He leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.” from Psalm 23

Much in modern living destroys the soul, much brings discord and disturbance:
bureaucracy … worry … insecurity … loneliness … noise … cynicism … gossip … bitterness … triviality …

So what restores the soul? What brings tranquillity and refreshment?
Laughter … music … friendship … kindness … beauty … rest … silence … stillness … peace …

And within and beyond all these, God himself: He restores the soul.

These packs sell for £4.00 each and have proved very popular for gifts and personal use. Many packs have also been given away for use in pastoral and mission opportunities. The aim is not to make a large profit but to encourage people to hear God speaking through scripture and through creation.

To find out more visit the website: or contact Rev Andrew Hill (01326 572303)

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