The tide’s receded now –
Far out a distant murmur of the surf,
A silver thread of foam against the darkening sky.
Above the cliffs the seagulls fly,
Their plaintive cry
Echoes with haunting sadness,
Resounds around the engine houses’ crumbling walls.
Seaweed lies forsaken on the sculptured sand
And limpets cling with blind determination
In faith the water will return once more.

And will it Lord?
Will the tide turn
As we cling
Limpet- like
To pews and pulpits, the hymn book rocks of other times?
Will the tide turn, and prayer, like the western wind
Send waves of living water, Spirit storms
To crash again on Kernow’s shore?

Lord of our Celtic yesterdays and hope of bright tomorrows.
Pour into our present!
Empower your people once again.
Lift us from our passive clinging to the rocks of ages past
To joyous freedom, brave and bold to face this day.
Give us the grace to let our cherished chapels die
But shout your Gospel to the open sky
Of tomorrow’s brand new day
And leave our outgrown shells beneath the tide of half forgotten dreams
To join the tin mines and the clay pits
The pilchard sheds and all the monuments to the pride of other years,
And bring instead the message of salvation,
The living Christ who calls us
‘Follow me!’
And asks us, ‘Do you really love me more than these?’

Revd. Doreen Sparey-Delacassa
Pioneer Minister enabling outreach and encouraging fresh Expressions of Church
Camelford and Week St Mary Methodist Circuit


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