Please pray for our brothers and sisters working with satellite TV broadcaster SAT-7, a Release partner, whose work is under investigation by Egyptian officials.

Officials from the state Censorship Department visited the offices of SAT-7 in Cairo on Saturday and confiscated cameras and other equipment.

The Director of SAT-7’s operations in Egypt, Farid Samir, was taken in for questioning by police but was released after Egyptian church leaders intervened on his behalf.

Farid was then summoned to the Prosecutor’s Office on Sunday where charges were brought against him relating to alleged irregularities in his channel’s registration, licence and internet streaming. Farid denies all such claims and presented evidence to show that SAT-7’s registration and licence are in good order.

The Prosecutor and Censorship Department will now decide if the case should proceed to court – discussions which could take up to a fortnight.

Meanwhile, SAT-7 will be deprived of vital equipment that was confiscated, which will cause significant disruption to its operations. The broadcaster, which features in Release International’s latest Egypt DVD, Glimmers of Hope, insists that one of its key aims is to promote peaceful co-existence and tolerance across the region.

Please pray for peace and protection for everyone involved in SAT-7, and for wisdom for Farid and his legal team.

Pray that no charges will be brought against SAT-7 and that it will be allowed to continue its operations unhindered. Pray that officials will come to value the work it does to promote peace.

Please pray that Release International’s #everyright petition calling on the Egyptian Government to uphold constitutional religious rights is well received when it is presented to the embassy in London next month.
(Source: Middle East Concern)

For a country profile about Egypt, click here.


Praise God that our Syrian brother, Pastor Jacques Mourad, who was abducted in May by Islamic State (IS) in Al-Qaryatain, Homs, was released on Saturday. Al-Qaryatain fell to IS in August when militants took further hostages, including some Christians who remain unaccounted for (Release International Prayer Alert, August 18).

Please continue to pray for the many Syrian Christians held by IS: the group has threatened to kill them unless large ransoms are paid. Two Assyrian Christians abducted from Hassaka governorate in February, along with more than 200 others (Release International Prayer Alert, February 25), are reported to have been executed. A third Christian from Hassaka, abducted in April and named as Abdelmassih Enwiya, has also been killed; an Evangelical leader described Abdelmassih as ‘a great man of God who took a risk by staying in his village to take care of his people and to encourage them in the Lord’. (Source: Middle East Concern)

Please forward this email to Christian friends so that they can pray and act too.

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