‎In response to a prophetic word from Kathie Walters.

You may also be interested in the fact that 8 (eight) bells have been specially made for the jubilee. I believe that there is huge significance in this and are the bells you’ve heard in the spirit.

In Hebrew the number eight is (Sh’moneh), from the root (Shah’meyn), “to make fat,” “cover with fat,” “to super-abound.” As a participle it means “one who abounds in strength,” etc. As a noun it is “superabundant fertility,” “oil,” etc. So that as a numeral it is the superabundant number. As seven was so called because the seventh day was the day of completion and rest, so eight, as the eighth day, was over and above this perfect completion, and was indeed the first of a new series, as well as being the eighth.

It is also the number specially associated with Resurrection and Regeneration, and the beginning of a new era or order.

When the whole earth was covered with the flood, it was Noah “the eighth person” (2Peter 2:5) who stepped out on to a new earth to commence a new order of things. “Eight souls” (1Peter 3:20) passed through it with him to the new or regenerated world.

8 great feast days
8 days for feats of TABERNACLES
8 songs outside of psalms
8 miracles of Elijah

Best of ALL = eight is about new beginnings!


Source: Joy Hall

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