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2011-09 Elation Worship logoOver 300 million children go to bed hungry every day. More than 90% of them suffering from long term malnourishment. In the 2 minutes it takes you to read this, approximately 22 children will have died from hunger related causes. But the main problem with these facts is that they are so easily solved.

That’s why Feed the Hungry started the Every Child Every Day initiative. The goal of the program is to feed over 100,000 children, meeting their physical and spiritual needs every day. For the cost of a CD or the price of a take out meal, a child can be fed for an entire month. Or, amazingly, it can provide over 100 meals for children in poverty stricken countries.

Elation, together with Feed the Hungry UK has produced this Brand New, Debut E.P. downloadable from the Feed The Hungry online shop for only £4.50! You can also buy a physical CD. Elation is a Christian worship band from Leicestershire joined together by the huge passion of making music and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, Elation first started up late 2010 when Singer Ben Williams and Guitarist Dan Harris wanted to unite their musical taste, various talents and their burning desire to praise God to create their own individual stamp on worship.

Elation bring authentic, spirit led worship with a great message to help support a great work through Feed The Hungry. Not only is it great music, but the cause gives this project an amazing foundation – highly recommended!” – Ad-apt, Bandwithnoname / LZ7 / solo rapper

Elation Worship captures the heart of a generation that is committed to worship in song and action. Combining powerful and poetic lyrics with a concoction of musical influences, Elation help the worshipper respond to all that God has and all that God continues to do…” – Andy Frost, Director of Share Jesus International

Sensitive, challenging, uplifting and joyous – music to heal the broken hearted and feed the soul! – Nigel Roberts, Youth for Christ.

£4.50 for a CD can make a lifesaving difference. RELEASED 4TH SEPTEMBER 2011.

Go to www.feedthehungry.org.uk


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