Reinhard is a wonderful teacher of the gospel, powerfully illustrating his message with many modern-day parables and cutting to the point with clarity and impact. His chapter on integrity is a vital chapter that every Christian should read, whether there is a desire to evangelise or not.

Reinhard’s passion for the gospel and reaching the lost comes across very clearly. Reinhard not only demonstrates why every Christian is compelled to share the love of Christ with others in the scriptures, he imparts such fire and yearning that every reader of this book will want to go out and do likewise! He reveals the pitfalls that many stumble over, including fear and wrong motives, and teaches how to overcome them.

Reinhard stresses the importance of prayer in reaching the lost and includes the wonderful illustration: “Evangelism without intercession is an explosive without a detonator. Intercession without evangelism is a detonator without an explosive.” Reinhard includes a number of chapters regarding the power of prayer and the promises made in the Bible regarding prayer and obtaining answers to prayer. Reinhard ascribes his own amazing ministry to those who have supported him in prayer and wonderfully illustrates its importance in this book. “Those who had been so inconspicuous will, all of a sudden, be heroes in the Kingdom of God. Their reward will be great. The Lord will not say, “much done” but “well done, good and faithful servant” (Matt 25:21)

I recommend Evangelism by Fire to anyone and everyone. While reading it I could see why so many are persuaded to follow Christ – this is a man who captures and reveals God’s essence, His love for mankind. I would follow his God too.

“Caution: The fire of God in Reinhard Bonnke’s heart literally leaps off the pages of this book. You cannot read it without being inspired to renewed zeal. Bonnke’s deep love for God’s Word and passion for souls are contagious.” (Dr. Bill Bright. President, Campus Crusade for Christ International)

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