The Healing on the Streets team are out in Truro every Saturday, whatever the weather, offering prayer to those passing by. This gentle ministry helps people to become aware of God’s presence in the middle of the busy streets, whether they stop for prayer or not.

Last Saturday, a delighted lady came back following prayer the previous week, to tell the team what had happened next…

A lady came looking for us to tell us that we had prayed for her the week before for the reversal and healing of macular degeneration of her eyesight. When we prayed for her she had been wearing very heavy dark glasses and relied on her friend to bring her to us for prayer. She told us that previously she could only see colours but couldn’t make out any objects. Immediately after prayer she felt that her eyesight improved and by Wednesday she started to be able to make out the outline of buildings. This week she came to us unaided, wearing simple reading glasses and showed us that she could read the shop sign across the road. She was utterly ecstatic and has been telling all her friends about it! She asked for more prayer for continued healing and was particularly touched by God’s love for her. Afterwards she asked if it was okay to come back again next week. We told her she could and that she could come back as often as she liked, even after she gets 20/20 vision!

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