Dear Saints,

Grace and peace to you. We are almost at the end of March, the third month of the year and I want to bring to your attention the need to recognise how God is fine-tuning His church for revival.

We are to break out of complacency, procrastination and excuses to allow the shift as the Father’s grace and mercy is freely available for us to make the necessary changes.

It feels like the Lord is guiding the body of Christ to awaken to his new sound almost as if to compel us to rely on Him completely. It is also the time for leaders to properly equip themselves by counting the cost to be well prepared for what is to come.

As part of this process I believe that the Lord is challenging his people to deal with long-ignored niggling issues from their environments, homes and families.

As these issues are exposed or dug out some might lose hope thinking that the reappearance of issues that have been prayed over in the past is a defeat. It’s not!

It’s a weakness that has not been fully surrendered for instruction or for proper strategy so in the past you used advice from others or simply hoped it would go away.

Fully yielding and allowing the Lord to dig these issues out and rub them down means that they can be addressed to allow harmony to come.

Let me explain. Where these issues are not addressed they are buried and then serve as hindrances because they inform people’s understanding and behavior. In this way they cause discord in the environments where people find themselves because they interpret situations in those environments by their issues.

So rather than respecting what they find within a system, respecting boundaries and asking questions for clarity such people neither understand nor want to submit to the systems that they are working with.

This can also cause leaders to over expose themselves because they feel a need to explain themselves. It is key that as a leader you are wise in terms of what you respond to and what you tolerate. Such as where you have been pouring yourself out to people that are receiving your wisdom and instruction yet doing nothing with what they receive.

It will be also be wrong for you not to recognise God’s sovereignty and the shifting that He is doing.

While the enemy is playing his part, remember that all things work together for good.  You cannot afford to be lazy and complacent. You need to be alert to deal with certain things to avoid them becoming a distraction.

I do believe that God is bringing such harmony in the places where you are, for you to see a move of God and for the spirit to fine-tune your relationships and the way that you are. Having come so far be alert at your gate so that nothing will come through to bring disharmony.

Whatever is your sphere of influence, put your structures clearly in place so that each person knows exactly who is doing or saying anything. Put the right structures in place and enhance everyone’s ability. If the wrong person is in the wrong position for sentimental reasons, it will cause disharmony in the spirit because you will have to keep stopping to fix things and that should not be so.

I saw in the spirit a wind picking up with force and gathering momentum, and I believe that whatever the enemy is planning will be turned around for a move of God wherever you are.

I also have a sense that Jesus is calling the body of Christ to a fast to remove complacency, a fast for you ‘to see’. Some people need new challenges to define them, as if you keep doing the same thing over and over you maybe stagnant nothing is shifting. You need to hear the new sound for new challenges; you need to be able to allow the Holy Spirit to fine-tune these things.

Lord send refreshing to your body in Jesus mighty name!

Gripped by his Love
Rev Betty King

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