As i was waiting on God this am the Lord gave me a vision

I saw waves heading towards the UK at speed their impact was imminent.
the first was a wave of prayer the second a wave or miracles and healing the third was a wave of reformation, this wave swept across the nation and washed the nation clean to the point that is shone!

However i saw a fourth contrary wave, it was coming to try to cut off what the Lord was planning, it was black and red and full of anger and violence.

I heard the Lord say-

The enemy is trying to raise up a spirit of hatred and violence to cut off the coming move of my Spirit, he is flooding the world with shocking images to try to generate rage and anger not only in the world but also in the church,

I heard him say-

Brace yourself and guard your heart for the enemy is about to reveal such wickedness it will shake you to your core, pray protection over the heart of my people for I cannot move in the midst of bitterness and unforgiveness,

Guard your heart from all hatred and anger for this is the contrary wave the enemy would seek to unleash in the earth at this time

Simon Braker

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