Future, present and past – Britain will experience a reviving of the Christian foundations, passion and glory as fire from heaven comes, as in the days of old.

Honouring the forgotten heroes
A day or so after writing the decree below while worshipping with others, I had a series of ten pictures that were visions for the church.

Decree to honour the faithful

To the generation of the faithful Christians born in early 20th century in Britain, those who saw society turn away from God and remained faithful, I honour your perseverance and steadfastness as does the Holy one.

I think of my Grandfather who came from a long line of Christians, his conviction and faith. He lived a long and faithful life. During his days church attendance was falling and people who once were regulars at church spent their time in leisure, instead of seeking the fellowship of the Christian community. The things of God once held in honour were increasingly considered irrelevant by the defectors and even despised by a modern community, whose forefathers held in high esteem the Word of God and Worship of God and honoured the servants of Christ. Instead the defectors walked in worldliness and worshipped transient fads and so-called freedoms that brought no lasting pleasure.

By contrast my Grandfather and the remnant others “did what was right in the eyes of the Lord”, gave generously to God’s work and supported others in need, without trumpeting the works. He was strength to hold together the assembly. Yet he never stood in a pulpit, the place of honour, or held rank in his church, yet those who loved the Lord saw him as a rock in his generation.

We, the body of Christ, stand in the place we have because of such men and women.

Visions – Ten pictures taking the Church and nation that is to the glory place that awaits us

Past triumphs
I saw a trophy animal head mounted on a wall, this one was displaying a ram’s head.

This represented the churches’ finer days, past triumphs of the church when the Kingdom was moving forward. We look back to those who have inspired massive change in a nation and forerunner pioneers of faith; leaders like Smith Wigglesworth, Wesley and many others who have taken ground for the faith. For many Christian leaders and long-standing faithful Christians, faced with declining church membership, a downward shift in social morality, abandonment of Christian heritage and a lack of evangelistic impact that has staying power – a dark cloud of reality pervades that speaks a hopelessness and get ready to die message.

A trumpet blast
Here the Lord releases the sound of heaven and begins to change the atmosphere. A command went out that we are now beginning a new thrust forward. This is a Joshua moment, when the command to move forward is given and our need is to embrace a new understanding that the wilderness days of disappointment are over. When Israel was consigned to the wilderness they were unable to battle, or move forward; when they tried they were overpowered. Only after the full time in the wilderness is completed can the armies of God arise, at His command.

The little lakes
I saw several small lakes in a landscape country scene. There was a sense that these lakes had once been like great expanses that would have filled the whole countryside in view.

Little lakes represent the small remnant from the harvest of various former revivals of past history – they are the faithful ones, who continue on generations later. While the many defect gradually to the world, like an army dispersing and slipping away from battle, there are faithful ones who have stayed loyal to the King of Kings. Those who remain are like Gideon’s army, a small group taking on near impossible odds in a hostile culture.

Lifting the veil
I see a large curtain about to be raised, I get to look behind this curtain and see an assembled army of angelic warriors, prepared, eager and ready for action.

This is just a glimpse of the unseen heavenly army ready for action. We won’t see them, but the effects of the release of the angelic armies will be to overwhelm an enemy who thought that he’d written off the Christian church, as if it appeared in the obituary announcements of deaths.

Steam builds up and the train is moving
I see steam building up in a boiler and then I see an old steam train beginning to move forward. The words “Glory Train” are running through my thoughts. This feels like going back in time to the 19th century when the Spirit of God was taking charge over a nation. It feels like this great train is no longer stuck in the sidings… like an outdated model. I feel the train is carrying a massive weight of glory. The sound of the steam, the trains whistles and loud singing from impassioned hearts giving glory to the Lord and bringing the presence into the atmosphere.

Hallelujah !!!! Hallelujah !!!! Hallelujah !!!!
Glory Glory Glory!!!
Praises to the King of Kings!!!

There is an excitement and thrill in the everlasting – heaven meets earth.
There is a massive stirring in my spirit – I want to shout.
O so long, have we been held back and silent when the deep longing of our souls has been to shout, to dance and to sing.

In His presence is FULLness of Joy. Go on and shout and sing in the spirit, speak to the atmosphere and tell it to change – that the glory of the King will prevail.
We speak boldness upon the body of Christ! BOLDNESS in CHRIST is ours to walk in. In the joy of the Lord is our strength. God says resist the devil and he will flee. Let all darkness run from the praises of heaven – as heaven comes there is no darkness that can overcome it.

Hands extended
From the glory train the picture pans over to ground where I see hands extended from the earth. This represents the poor and needy calling for help. They are the victims of the present world system, a ready harvest to be gathered in, they are to be gathered in as they see our joy, as a fresh harvest of souls for the Kingdom. “They are mine” says the Lord of the harvest. Jesus is smiling and the angels are rejoicing, jumping and waving their hands, as many souls begin to walk in the light of life, new sons and daughters in the house of the Lord.

The Key to overcome
This key is for a release of those who have thought they do not need God. There are many who think they are above the need of God. Those who choose to ignore God deliberately deceiving themselves and others. There are those who confidently stand against the Christian faith. These will suddenly be rendered powerless, once people of influence, they will fall from the high perches. There is coming a turning around of the culture that once supported secularists and atheists – those who have sought to marginalise God will find themselves as irrelevant and out of step voices as yesterday’s dinosaurs.

The books of heroes – yet to be revealed
On the spine of one book I see the word deeds. This is like a little library of books telling of the future of the kingdom heroes. Yes in the Bible we collapse glimpses of some of the events in the lives of David’s mighty men, just a few highlights of impossible odds that warriors overcame.

There are books written in heaven about the future heroes of faith – the enemy does not know these stories yet, these stories will unfold as the sons and daughters of the Kingdom are revealed. There are powerful mantles for these humble servants of the kingdom.

These are the days of Elijah, this time it won’t be a single mantle with a double portion that comes. At that time miracles only repeated the past again. God wants us to see that in Acts 2 the tongues of fire touched the people each uniquely. They were waiting in obedience in the place in readiness for receiving from heaven. God did not touch each with a single tongue in turn, neither did they speak all in the same language, but in unique ones. Each had their individual ministries and abilities, rich in their uniqueness and as diverse in many aspects as DNA sets the code of an individual.

God is ready to give and send His power. Do not just limit faith and ask for what has been seen before, neither expect the same level of success. Dream great dreams, people of Christ, let the Holy Spirit excite and stretch faith, step out in obedience looking only to Him for an enabling that will truly bring the enemy under our feet, as Christ reigns in us and through us. We must find the place where we receive from Him, all that he has for us.

A tap being turned on – no more fruitless evangelism
This is the Spirit being poured out touching all to the right and to the left. This is more than a shift in the natural order of culture. This is a growing sense of heaven on earth, an atmosphere for revival, a deep awareness of God’s presence that even the wicked cannot ignore. I will pour out my spirit on all. Just as those who stood against me were also slain in my presence – they will have no excuse to not believe. Surely the good news goes out to the ends of the earth and all nations, and as light and joy increases hearts will melt in my presence, true repentance will come easily, as the love and heart of Jesus is revealed. He calls, “come into the river of life, enter into my kingdom where the joy everlasting reigns”. Outside there is darkest blackness. If you turn from this heavenly call, there is no more hope of life.

The final picture – a horseman riding towards us
This is the proclamation in Matthew 25. “Get ready”-  the bridegroom is coming.
Be filled with the oil of heaven, be ready for His return.

Source: Geoff Pick, March 2012

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