Next Wednesday – 20th April 2016 – The House of Commons will be debating an All-Party Motion “to recognise that Christians, Yazidis, and other ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq and Syria are suffering Genocide at the hands of Daesh (ISIS)”.                                   Inscription in Arabic which says, 'Property of ISIS no entry' At the
gate to St. Elian church (Syriac Orthodox) in Al-Qaryatayn

It is really important that this Motion is passed because it will put pressure on the UK Government to call on the UN Security Council to ensure that those responsible for Genocide are punished. It will commit them to stopping the spread of these crimes against humanity.

This will mean that Jihadist leaders and fighters  – wherever they come from – will be called to account as criminals.

Not all MPs are up to speed with the issues, so an email from you to your MP asking him or her to “Back the Genocide Motion on Wednesday 20th April 2016″ could make all the difference. You can find the name of your MP and their email address at  Don’t forget – MPs pay attention to their constituents – so your voice counts!

You can download and use our template when contacting your MP  – we thank you in advance for all the support that you are able to offer.

The legal definition of Genocide is not just about killing; it is about the INTENT to kill, or to suppress a group. As a friend of Aid to the Church in Need, you will have seen ample evidence, over the months and years, of Daesh’s criminal intent to drive out Christianity and other minorities from the Middle East and to forcibly impose their own extremist vision of Islam on those who remain.

The UK Government is increasingly isolated in its refusal to name Daesh actions as Genocide. This term has now been formally used by US Secretary of State, John Kerry and received the backing of the US House of Representatives and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. So our Government needs to stand up and be counted. This is genocide, pure and simple. If you can, please take the time to encourage your MP to ‘back the Motion’ next Wednesday.

Thank you for being a voice for our brothers and sisters in Christ and for standing up them at a moment in history when they are powerless to stand up for themselves.

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