The one thing that I find most difficult is trusting my heart to someone. Even God. Yet God knows this and is more patient and gentle than you could ever even hope for. He taught me to trust Him step by step over several years and it’s still an ongoing process. Some of the steps have been huge, but for each step He asked me to take I sensed His love and that it was okay to trust Him.

In 2000 I became very ill. I had two children, pregnant with my third, in a broken marriage and the sole earner for my family. I had started reading my bible but that was my only spiritual input at that time. I was forced to retire due to ill health, was no longer able to afford the mortgage and the insurance wouldn’t pay because I’d started having the illness before taking on a mortgage. I realised I was about to lose my home at a time when I was too ill to do anything much about it. I felt God ask me to trust Him to provide a home for me. I didn’t want to lose my home and dreaded what kind of place I might end up in, but I felt I had nothing to lose, so I told Him I trusted Him. A few weeks later I not only got to keep my home, but ended up with a grant for new windows and doors! When I forget that God provides He always reminds me of this time.

Because trust has been broken for so many people, God calls us to gently hold people’s hearts for them. Gently, for they are so precious and easily damaged. Just for a short while, because they do not belong to us. Long enough for them to talk, to skim off the pressure that’s engulfing them, to give them a break from the difficult situations and anxieties they’re finding themselves in. Long enough for them to be able to trust in the goodness of God again, so that they can tackle the next part knowing that God is right in there with them. Then trust God for the rest.

  1. February 12, 2010

    Thank you Gill. I really appreciate your support. Thank you for all that you’ve done. I pray that this coming season is one where God blesses you with a real sense of His presence with you and a time of increase beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before. You are very loved xx

  2. February 11, 2010

    Hi Tracey, I’ve been reading all through this evening and you’ve done a really good job. I particularly enjoyed reading your testimony about God holding your heart gently and us being able to do the same for hurting people.

    Also, very exciting to read Martin’s prophecy once more and be reminded that He wants Cornwall for himself and that small miracles are beginning to happen. May God bless your efforts a hundredfold.

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