In each chapter, Catherine Campbell retells an event from the bible from the perspective of those involved, in a fresh and personal way that brings the situation to life and draws out some understanding of the hearts of those who took part. Alongside each bible event is a true life modern-day story, often heart-breaking, and in their reading I found myself close to tears more than once. Yet in these tales of rejection and heartache each life is transformed as they discover God knows their name.

I can testify with my fellow reviewers that this book is a real page-turner. You won’t want to put it down!

“Catherine is a great storyteller. On a packed, noisy train, I found myself engrossed and deeply moved by a host of vivid, contemporary characters, past and present, who stayed with me long after my journey came to an end” Michele Guinness, author of The Heavenly Party

“This is a great book. I highly recommend it, especially for anyone who may be doubting their worth. I couldn’t put it down” Mark Stibbe, author of I Am Your Father

“This book reveals God as ‘I AM’. Through stories spanning 4000 years God moves from past doctrine to present reality.” Valerie Murphy, Precept, Northern Ireland

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