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Again, another amazing month of healing testimonies and the Lord’s wonderful love and provision.

We’re delighted to have had a couple of gentleman step forward to jointly take up the vision for healing on Pydar Street and we’ll be sharing more in the next newsletter.

We still need more team members and ask you to please that Jesus call out His co-workers, to join us in the harvest. We pray that the hearts of those He calls respond with a firm and committed “Yes!” and that there a resounding call to God rise up of “Call me!” from His people.


Feeling better
A ‘pholisopher’ was open to hearing about God and was very appreciative when we prayed God’s blessing on him and told us he felt better.

Didn’t want to leave
A very distressed lady perked up as we prayed with her and didn’t want to leave us.

Asthma gone
A gentleman wanted us to know that since we prayed for him for healing of asthma it has totally gone. He was delighted.

Breathing more easily
A lady with difficulty breathing and who had been in bed all week just caught us because we were late finishing that week. She was breathing much more easily after prayer.

Always feels better
A gentleman popped by as he always feels better whenever he comes for prayer

Doctor stopped medication
A lady we prayed for a few months ago emailed to let us know that her son, who we had prayed for with her, was very much better and no longer needing medication

Feels wonderful
We prayed through a situation with a lady struggling with unforgiveness and arthritis. She told us she felt wonderful after.

Exams passed!
A lady came to let us know that the niece we prayed for last year, who had been concerned about her exams, passed and got into Uni. She also experienced an increase in faith.

Recovery from angina
A gentleman had prayer for angina a few years ago and couldn’t walk up Pydar Street without pain and shortness of breath, but since prayer has had no problems

Always blessed
A lady told a team member that she’d had prayer from us a number of times and always felt blessed by it

Friendly chat and a safe place to cry
A lady who was feeling lonely had been praying and was so thankful to have friendly people to chat to and to be able to cry as she hadn’t felt able to. We gave her a list of churches and some people to contact. We also had a Word for her: that the joy of the Lord shines from her.

God blesses us in so many ways:

  • A Christian french couple were very interested in and excited about what we were doing
  • A lady who had been watching us from the library window came to ask for prayer for her husband
  • A gentleman was uncomfortable about being prayed for on the chair so we prayed with him as though we were just chatting, with eyes open so no-one would know we were praying. He really appreciated prayer and seemed quite delighted
  • Despite the rain one week, we had lots of people taking the HOTS leaflet and a few even crossed over to grab one
  • A gentleman came to say how much he admired us for smiling at everyone whenever we’re out
  • A couple of non-Christians told us they’d experienced some Christian behaviour they didn’t like, but that they thought what we were doing was the best expression of Christianity they’d come across
  • A Christian lady was concerned whether we were bringing people to salvation as they needed that most of all. We assured her that we do whenever the Lord provides an opening and had led a number to the Lord, but had to gauge where each person was at and that we’d pray for them whether they wanted to receive salvation or not
  • We had a brief encouraging chat with Bishop Tim and his wife
  • We had a lovely encouraging chat with a lady from Teignmouth HOTS
  • One week a team member started alone but God had two more nearby who responded to the call and turned out to be absolutely hand-picked by Him for that week

Others held in our prayers on the streets:

We prayed for:

  • peace and tranquility in the midst of stress
  • freedom from arthritic pain
  • cancer in remission to be totally cured
  • new HOTS trainees to join our team every week
  • freedom from mental health problem (x3)
  • deep-seated brain tumour to be gone
  • recovery from a stroke
  • blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) to dissapate
  • healing of leg ulcers
  • a home for someone living in a tent
  • that the Lord make the way plain and reveal His leading for a new job (x3)
  • relocation to Cornwall
  • creativity in vocation
  • healing of sciatica
  • restoration of a broken marriage
  • freedom from alcoholism
  • healing of allergies
  • finances for accomodation
  • freedom from negative family history
  • healing of shingles
  • freedom from cancer
  • great term in new school
  • healing of trauma after family member committed suicide
  • A* GCSE grades for a student to do medicine
  • priorities in a stressful job
  • an open heart to listen
  • knowing that a smile is appreciated even when it isn’t returned
  • breaking of family curse as Jesus was a curse for us and any curse over us was nailed to the cross with Him
  • healing of painful heels and awareness of God carrying the loads to be carried
  • liver to be healed and daily increase in strength to do more
  • opportunities lost to be restored


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