Below is the original vision / dreams that Pastor Jonathan Oloyede had – which has led to this event happening:
Over a period of about 15 years, the Lord granted Pastor Jonathan Oloyede (convener of Global Day of Prayer London) three clear visions concerning the united Kingdom.  Below is his account of those dreams and visions.
Being a convert from Islam, having prophetic dreams and seeing revelations was a special gift I received at conversion.  One of those precise experiences was in the nineties when I saw a ‘new Wembley’ stadium filled up with Christians praying. This was in the days of the old twin-towers Wembley and I did not have a clue that it was going to be demolished and replaced. There were lots of different cultures, colours and denominations represented by the worshipping believers.  The stage or pulpit was sort of vacant and we were waiting for someone to come out to speak.  At this point the Lord said in a very clear voice; “when my people gather together, I am the one that speaks”. That vision left a very powerful and permanent impression on my heart. I knew I had seen the future but I did not know what the Lord wanted me to do about it. A few years into the new millennium when I saw the new Wembley, the images came flooding back and I knew that the new stadium would be filled one day with believers united in worship.
Since that first UK vision, I have had several dreams and visions. However the two that stand out include an experience where I saw people coming out of offices, schools, clubs, pubs and homes. They were pouring like ants onto a major motorway which looked like the M1. I could not see the end of them and they may have been around a million marching into the distance. It was an awesome site because they were all TEENAGERS!! I came out of that day-dream shouting “they are here! They are here! This is a Christian nation!!”

The 2nd – Turning Point
November 2005 was a major pivot of my adult life. I had just buried my Dad and was still coming to terms with his departure. That same month, I had the kick-starting vision for GDOP London. I witnessed a phenomenal move of prayer across the British Isles as small, moderate and large groups joined in prayer. The believers were praying the Lord’s Prayer on the streets, in homes, churches, warehouses…everywhere.  There were flames of fire over each meeting which were the same size whether the numbers were small or large. As I looked these ‘fires’ seemed joined together and lit up the whole nation like a Christmas tree. I saw the words HEALING and LIGHT emblazoned across the map of Great Britain.  The Lord said to me “Jonathan, I want you to become a catalyst for prayer. My people are in place. Do not start anything new, just join the dots. Place this commission under the Global Day of Prayer”
This was the start of the London chapter which has always had a national focus. The key objective of GDOP London is the fulfilment of God’s Will for the Nation in these times. Prayer is the pillar for discerning the Lord’s Heart and acting accordingly. The UK Church needs to do three major things at this time; UNITE, PRAY and ACT.
The Nation is at a crossroads spiritually and she has been adrift from her destiny in God for awhile. However the Lord is very merciful, gracious and patient. He needs the Church to arise and lead at this time from a strong intimate relationship with Him. Like Joseph we need to have the ability to interpret the season and provide practical wisdom locally and nationally.
I believe that the Church needs to Repent and Pray and Act in line with the will of God. WE NEED TO PRAY NOW!!
Many are being abused behind closed doors; people are going deeper into vices, addictions and false religions. The rate of gang violence, stabbings, job losses, depression, debt, bankruptcy, and substance abuse is statistically on the increase. However this is a great opportunity for the church to step up and step in to be good news. It’s the worst of times and the best of times.

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