It was deliciously cool early in the morning and no one was about. As I headed towards the harbour along the ancient walls of the stone ramparts, the screaming seagulls circled above the cathedral’s tower that jutted French town of Antibes. I could hear the high-pitched pinging of the halyards against the ships’ masts as the harbour came into view. The gulls swooped over the deep blue waters, the rising sun blushing their wings.

“Virginia, describe to me what you see.”

“I see boats, all tied up at their moorings. They look in good repair, at least above the waterline. They’re very close to each other, and each boat is facing in the right direction so as to be able to leave the harbour and go out to the open sea.”

“Well, what do you think they are waiting for?”

“I imagine they’re waiting for their owners to want to take them out to sea!”

“So, it’s entirely the owners’ choice isn’t it?”

“Yes. Each boat looks highly equipped with every kind of technical device and there’s even a fuel pump on the quayside. There seems to be nothing to stop them leaving the harbour.”

“At Dunkirk, everyone who had the courage took whatever craft they had, however small, and went to the rescue. I did that through those who were willing to take a risk and put the lives of others before themselves.

Isn’t it the same now? So many people around you stranded and frightened, the enemy behind them and they don’t know the way off the beach. You know those I’m talking about. Some of them look fine above the waterline but below the surface of their lives there’s so much pain. They have no purpose, no plan, just the perpetual darkness of existence that knows nothing of my love. If you’ll take the risk and leave the quiet waters of the harbour, I’ll chart the course for you on the open sea. I won’t show you where we’re going, you must trust me, just untie from the jetty wall and get underway. We’ll go out on the high waters of faith, rejoicing in my power. I’ll give you the courage to set your sails high, catching my heavenly breeze in every situation! I’ll take away the fear that seeks to know where you are going. I am going with you and that’s all you need to know!”

Joshua 1:9 Be strong and courageous…for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.

2 Corinthians 12:9 My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.

Taken from “Inspirations from a Paper Boat” by Virginia Duhanes.
Used with permission of TLM Trading Limited


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