Inside GriefOvercoming the loss of a loved one. Inside Grief is a personal account of coping with grief through which the author reaches out to others in a similar position. Throughout Inside Grief the author supplies the reader with sensitive, thoughtful and practical as well as spiritual advice but offers no easy answers or ‘quick-fix’ solutions to grief. It is a refreshingly ‘real’ book, written by someone who totally empathises with grief because she has truly ‘been there’. Kathy suffered a great loss in the sudden death of her husband, and has had the added sadness of her father’s death too. She is also a woman who would dearly have loved to have had children but has none, having suffered three miscarriages. The book has plenty of practical tips on how to cope with the grieving process (and how to relate to the bereaved) and, importantly, how to move on. Kathy doesn’t preach but she is firm in her faith and always shows the way to God – making sure the reader knows that in God there is comfort. She encourages the reader to go to the God who loves them. She says ‘I know now I can’t be a superspiritual Christian’ – but Kathy’s faith in God comes through in a deep, very real and positive way. She reveals the God who loves and cares for us and who is there for us in the darkest times of life. She provides helpful Bible verses and shares her own experiences of God comforting her. From the Author If you’ve ever felt out of your depth when someone’s died, or a friend has been bereaved, then this book is written for you. It’s packed with practical tips to help everyone get through the loss of a loved one. I’ve incorporated many life coaching strategies and a certain amount of my own spiritual walk, to bring a positive vision to the future, at a time when it can seem very bleak. I’ve deliberately kept it short, very readable and practical. When death is still the last taboo, this book brings the reality and understanding, which we rarely talk about. It’s preparation for the one inevitable that all of us face in life – death- but none of us wants to acknowledge.

Donated by local author Kathy Laity for our Treasure Hunt.

Inside Grief: A Personal Journey: Hope for the Grieving and Those Who Care for Them
is available from PrintWorks at or Amazon

  1. May 26, 2016

    Inside at The Memorial, St Ives

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