Friday – A man is arrested, falsely accused, his friends scatter apart from one who denies he even knows the man. The man is beaten to within an inch of his life, he is transported from ruler to King, the very nature of truth is questioned. The crowd which had waved palm leaves in celebration a few days before are now baying for his blood. A guilty prisoner is released while the innocent man is sentenced to the most excruciating death imaginable. Tenderness and passion are spoken whilst in intense suffering, and this moment is the dawning of belief as the one who came to save mankind gives up His life to death.

At this moment the sun goes dark, earthquakes hit the city, the dead rise and wander around, the temple curtain that separated the holy of holies from the temple courts is ripped from top to bottom!

That’s all Friday – death, defeat, anguish, pain, suffering, shame.

But it’s OK – Sunday’s coming!

I love this video, but can take no credit.

Imran Qureshi

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