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Prayer Mission to Land’s End    Autumn 2014


We were at Land’s End, in response to a vision received by a Christian in Torquay, who saw a blazing white light spread from Land’s End up through the country and felt a team needed to go pray.

The Lord ask us to decree His glory, His white hot glory. I then went into a vision:

I see a column of angels waiting off Land’s End, out over the sea. They are in pairs, stretching back as far as the eye can see. They are clothed in glowing white with golden light. Their purpose? To dispel darkness. They are coming in response to the petitioning prayers going up across the land of Cornwall.  In response to the repentance and heart-cries of the faithful remnant, the faith filled ones.

The first angels touch land. As their feet touch the earth white hot flames shoot upwards, forming a barrier with the sea; a defence.  The light is incredibly intense from within their midst.

I then see Jesus, the king on a white horse with flowing robes.  He has a flaming torch in His hand and He is galloping through the central spine of Cornwall, from Lands End towards the Tamar. The angels flank Him on both coasts. From time to time, as He crosses Cornwall, He leans down with the torch and touches a place, a village, a hamlet, a farm, a group of people, a home, a town.  His arm can reach anywhere in Cornwall. When He touches the torch down, a flame is lit. It’s a constant flame and He moves all over the county and the flame is His glory.  It is not an orange flame but the intense blue flame of the highest heat.  It is very, very hot.  The white heat of the angels flanks the coasts dispelling darkness but the blue flames are inland.

When the King reaches the Tamar, He turns His horse and looks back across Cornwall. Then He blows, violently.  All the blue flames across the county shoot up like a gas burner.  It’s scary, hot, intense and dangerous.

Then I hear Him say, ‘Burn for Me, Church of Christ. Rise from the ashes of affliction.  Rise and stand. Blaze for Me church of Christ; blaze for My reputation and holiness. Stand apart and burn for Me.  For I am holy and there is no God but me.  I am a jealous God and will tolerate no rivals in the hearts of My people. Burn. And what will stand, will stand on the rock that is Me.’ He then turns and leads His horse down into the Tamar.  The angels are flanked along the river but they don’t at this point cross over with Him.

Another prayer team were praying simultaneously at the Tamar end of the county on the same day and they also saw Jesus on the white horse.




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