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As my wife, Jazzy, and I sat drinking our early morning tea I noticed a large flock of racing pigeons flying round and round, over our garden and the adjoining neighbours. It went on for what seemed a very long time, probably around half an hour.

I had viewed them many times previously but today I began to wonder why these birds seemed happy to be locked up in their cages for most of their lives, only being let out for flying exercise once a day and then, bizarrely, happily returning back into captivity at the end of their flying time?

Obviously, there are special days when they are driven miles from their home and then let go, just so that they can fly back home again where the pigeon owner will be waiting excitedly to see which one will return first.

So why don’t they just fly off and join all the other birds back into the wild?

During the time of their daily exercise it’s possible to see many of the normal wild birds sitting in trees and on fences and buildings watching this display of habit and stupidity. I like to imagine many of the other birds scratching their heads at this crazy display of foolishness. I also imagine some laughing in a bird-like manner at this madness, maybe even rolling on the ground holding their feathers in disbelief.

If I was one of those wild birds, I would be shouting as the pigeon flock flew overhead, “You don’t have to go back, break free, fly for your lives; come and join us, come and be what you were born to be, wild and free, come and fly with us on the wind that you were created for”.

Alas! I doubt that many would have listened to my plea as they don’t appear to know any better. It’s safe going back to the pigeon coup, it’s easy, all one’s food is supplied, they have lots of pigeon friends and a warm bed in the winter, most of it is very predictable. It’s time to be unpredictable..leave the familiar place ..

I also think fear of change and the unknown may well stop them from leaving

Satan is no longer able to prevent God from revealing Jesus to us, he is not able to prevent us from reading about the incredible life that God has provided for us once we invite Jesus into our lives, but he can make sure we never actually experience any of it.

The word of God says in John 10 verse 10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life and have it abundantly”.

If the Devil is looking to steal what God has given you, he must be very aware of how great the gift is. He knows, far more than most Christians do the incredible impact that we can have in the area, town, city we live, and the world around us, if we begin to believe what the word of God is saying. And we expect God to use us in an amazing way.

In addition, take a look at the dictionary meaning of the abundant life that Jesus has given to us, it means; “Present in great quantity; more than adequate; over sufficient; well supplied; abounding; richly supplied.”

Jesus is actually saying everything that we require to live and experience an abundant life is already present in us and in place for us today.

God wants us to be experiencing this abundant Holy Ghost filled life right where we are here and now, TODAY, not just when we get together with other believers but here and now TODAY.

It’s easy and safe to talk about God and the things of the Spirit when we meet with other like minded Christians but that’s only a small part of what being a Christian is all about.

It is about breaking out of our rut kicking down the door of the pigeon coup and sharing God with those around us, who cares what others may think. By the way, someone described a rut as a “shallow grave.”

If the only time we let God flow through us is at the “meetings” then we are missing the point and have turned the church meeting into some kind of club where we can go through the same things week in and week out, but never really impact those closest to us.

This abundant life that God has given to us is all about NOW, not tomorrow or soon but here and NOW, God is a NOW God

When we wake up every morning is it possible the Holy Spirit has a list of possibilities where God wants to use us and to bless us? We just have to EXPECT IT
If we’re not expecting it, we could miss it.

In reality many of us are over preoccupied with feeling guilty about sin in our lives whereas others are real busy planning for the next meeting, what they are going to say or the song they are going to share.

We don’t expect that God is wanting to use us to speak with the lady at the supermarket this morning or the cab driver or waitress. Many people are suffering pain sickness and disease, disappointment, and it’s our call, it’s our turf, we have a great opportunity!

It’s simply incredible how the Devil has managed to manipulate many of us to become so involved in “Christian” things and the Church/club that we fail to be of any real use to God in the real world around us. We have little going on in our lives other than church.

The devil loves it when we are preoccupied with Church and meetings because that’s not really going to be of any danger to him and it’s unlikely it will have any life changing effect on the world around us.

When we allow the Holy Spirit to operate through us in this way Joy and blessing will be our experience.

I like to imagine that when we go to be with the Lord an angel will take us into a room and play back a video of our lives, not in any judgmental way but just to make us aware of the hundreds or thousands of people who passed our way throughout our lives and needed to hear a word from God through us. But we were far too busy with good christian things, praise and worship, teaching, prophesy. Cleaning out the pigeon coup, repairing the perch and planning for the next big flight etc etc………

Remember, NOW is the time to make change, NOW is the time to start being expectant not tomorrow.

How much is our Father’s heart warmed every time we are expecting Him to flow through us and how often is He saddened when we are just too busy with “good” things. Good can be the enemy of God. We can be busy doing good things and miss the God thing. We can be very busy “working for God” but He doesn’t want us to work for Him, He wants us to yield to Him, so that He, by His spirit, can flow through us.


I recall some years ago experiencing a time in my life when whatever I said and EXPECTED, just happened. I could do nothing wrong, God’s blessing was just overflowing abundantly, those around me would say, “Whatever you touch just seems to turn to gold.” And it was true

He took this simple guy with little business understanding and a poor education and made me a wealthy chappie, it was never my ability but His pleasure to bless what I said and believed in my heart.

As a young naive Christian I just assumed that if the word of God said it, it must be true, I did not have time to be effected by the unbelief around me in the churches.

In my heart was the belief that Jesus just loved me and he thought I was just a great kid of His and as long as I set my heart on him, His overwhelming abundant blessing continued.

The joy that I experienced, I shared with those around me, I would always be singing songs and choruses wherever I went. Many people would ask me why I was so happy and as a result I led many to Christ. Why wouldn’t I be so happy? I had the King of Kings flowing through me oh! what joy.

Considering what took place at the Cross and how God allowed His son to die for us all, do we really think that God wants anything less than abundant life living and flowing through all of his children? Not just a few “special” Christians, but all of us, and not just in the meetings. It’s time for us to start trusting Him in every aspect of our lives. God wants us live a life constantly expecting His involvement. He is looking to bless us and use us to bless those around us.

Finally; Ephesians 4 verse 10 says it all. “He who descended is the one who also ascended far above all the heavens, that He might fill all things. v11 And He gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, v12 to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.”

That’s it! The ministries that we listen to, are for building us up in order that we may be equipped for the work of the ministry (that’s YOUR ministry)
To equip us to speak with those around you, to pray for the sick, cast out demons etc. .and, why is that? FOR THE BUILDING UP OF THE BODY OF CHRIST.

Not just that we should have more or better meetings. Balance my fellow pigeons, balance.


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