General information

Church name Kilkhampton Christian Fellowship
Meeting place Kilkhampton Christian Centre
Meeting address & postcode 12 Lower Village, Kilkhampton, EX23 9QN
Days & times of services Sunday worship/fellowship at 6pm
Parking 2 small car parks and on street parking
Public transport On main bus route
Contact information Albert Sloman, Pastor, tel. 01288 321073, email


What we believe

Denomination or other affiliation Life Links
Vision statement To be a New Testament Church i.e. to build strong family within the Church.  A church that meets the needs of people in the locality, practically and spiritually.  A place where people find rest, security and answers to life’s problems.  A church where disciples are taught, disciplined, enabled and released.


How we worship

Nature of main Sunday service Worship and fellowship
Style of worship music Mixed
Size of congregation 10 adults + 4 children + visitors
Description of a typical welcome on a Sunday We show love and interest in the people that attend


Activities principally for church members

Small group ministry Fellowship and prayer
Childrens activities
Youth activities
Other regular stuff Bible studies and prayer, Tuesdays at 7pm


Activities principally focused externally

Regular outreach activities run by this church Praying, one to one encouragement, ladies fellowship and evangelistic interviews.
Involvement in outreach with other organisations Alpha
Links with other churches and organisations We have mixed prayer groups with other churches and other pastors preaching at our services.


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