KXC Worship - Chapter Two: Flux

KXC Worship - Chapter Two: Flux




    • Great new worship
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    About the release:

    This is the brand new Chapter Two EP from KXC Worship called Flux. The EP consists of 6 new songs that have been written by our worship leaders at KXC. The EP provides a soundtrack to much of what God has been doing in and through the church over the last few years since our first EP.

    Our hope is that this EP represents the continuation of a journey as we seek to celebrate both the macro story of redemption that we belong to, as well as the micro story of all that is unfolding at KXC.


    With KXC Worship playing at the upcoming CreationFest at Eden, we thought we would have a listen to the band’s latest release to prepare.

    For full track listing and information and full review please check out One Man In The Middle

    KXC Worship are the band that regularly lead the worship at the Kings Cross Church and this is their second EP, entitled Chapter Two it follows on for a deeper worship than Chapter 1. For this release, subtitled “Flux”, the team have been working with Gabriel Wilson who has a number of Bethel albums to his credit – and once again on these tracks he proves that he knows what he is doing.

    These songs are a real outpouring of passion, worship, desire and love and inspires the listener to respond in equal measure. Your Love is a great opener that sounds like someone has thrown Matt Redman, Tim Hughes and Ben Cantelon into a blender and this is the resulting song! It works well with a thumping beat backing a passionate declaration of Gods love for us. Tom Eccleshall has a great voice for this track.

    I have to admit I have been listening to this album every time I have had an opportunity recently. There is a great mix of songs and styles and the three different vocals are very different, bringing something different to their songs. I would love to bring some of these tracks into our Sunday worship. Sometimes listening to a recording like this you cannot see how a collection of songs could possibly translate to your average Sunday service. I think I could see our band at church easily getting to grips with these songs because more than anything they are very singable!

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