Could your church mark a Sunday between 1 January and 25 April 2016 as your World Leprosy Sunday?

On 25 April 2015 a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the central region of Nepal, shortly followed by another. It left a trail of death and devastation, killing almost 9,000 people, including 2,500 children, and destroying or damaging more than a million homes.

In its immediate aftermath injured people flocked to The Leprosy Mission hospital in Anandaban where your generous donations provided thousands of people with surgery, treatment for fractures and wounds, emergency food supplies and tin sheets for temporary shelters.

The hospital, the only one for miles around, suffered some structural damage and the homes of dozens of doctors, nurses and support staff were either completely or partially destroyed.

In the villages, where stone and mud houses once stood there are now piles of rubble.

People affected by leprosy have been especially hard hit

Already the poorest of the poor, many lost their livelihoods and their homes. Tragically some families also lost their loved ones.

Winter is coming. People whose lives have been devastated are shivering in the cold and rain in make-shift shelters. These shelters do not last long and cannot protect people from the worst of the winter weather. Until they have a home these families cannot start to rebuild their lives.

Nepal has dropped from the headlines but the people there remain in great need – people who are already disabled by leprosy are destitute.

They desperately need your support.

Your local Regional Manager and Leprosy Mission Volunteer Speakers are now available for bookings, to come and speak at your Sunday service.

Please call 01733 370505 to contact your local Regional Manager.

We can also provide:

A short film (7 mins maximum) on DVD to show in your service

Sermon notes and prayers to use in your service*

Children’s activities*

Donation envelopes to hold a collection

*Available to download from from 1 December 2015

How to help the people of Nepal:

You could hold a special collection during your World Leprosy Sunday service.

Organise a simple fundraising event such as a coffee morning, bake sale, quiz night or Lent lunch.

Invite your church to help rebuild part of a house – or even a whole house! A wonderful donation
of £2,500 could completely rebuild an earthquake resistant home for a family devastated by the earthquake.

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