HOTSThe team behind the ‘Make a Joyful Noise’ event held on Lemon Quay in Truro on 12th October have reported some exciting testimonies of God’s work during the day. The inspiration for the event was a vision given by God to Tracey Dockree, the former leader of Healing On The Sreets (HOTS) in Truro.

On Saturday 12th October the vision came to pass. A fantastic day of praise and worship for 8 hours for shoppers and locals to enjoy.

The HOTS team were out in force and prayed with lots of people throughout the day. Also there was a big group of missionaries from the Walk Cornwall team. By the end of the day they were reporting that the number of people who had made a commitment to Jesus during the Make a Joyful Noise event was running into double figures.


Angina completely healed – A gentleman returned to us some weeks after receiving prayer to let us know that the angina he’d been suffering with had been completely healed!!

Provision for a pilgrimage – A prayer request for some money for a pilgrimage was answered. Pain gone – Prayers were said for a lady who had a lot of pain in her teeth and the pain went.

Health and vitality restored – A gentleman had been suffering from a chronic illness for many years. Some members of the team prayed for healing earlier this year. The gentleman told one of the team about how he had recently experienced God’s healing and how he was being wonderfully restored.

Heaviness lifted – We prayed for a lady who had been spiritually besieged and after prayer she said she felt lighter and freer.

Instant healing – A lady asked for prayer for a painful stiff neck and afterwards she could move it freely and the pain had all gone.

Provision at the last minute – A gentleman asked for prayer about his rent. He returned a while later to tell us that on the day before he would have had to move out the council agreed to pay most of it.

Everything went smoothly – We prayed for a lady who was giving her time to care for 2 children for a friend. We prayed for wisdom, truth and opportunities to share and for the cooking to go well. She later told us how well everything had gone and said “thank you” to God for answered prayer.

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