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Marketplace Ministries logoMarketplace Ministries work in Totnes to facilitate community transformation and to equip the church. Home to Totnes House of Prayer, Marketplace Ministries works within Totnes and further afield to proclaim the gospel and resource Christians. Prophetic evangelism has been a key part of their ministry. This article below by Lindy Strong explains some of what they do.

Our current mandate over the ministry is community transformation. This is facilitated in various ways as detailed below:

1. Impacting our Local Community to facilitate Community Transformation – we are impacting our local community by providing the following services from our base in Totnes:

  • Healing Centre – open daily from 10.30 – 3.30 Monday to Thursday for anyone of any faith or no faith to come in and receive healing and restoration either physical, mental or emotional.
  • Food Bank – working with local government agencies to identify a need, we able to supply food parcels to local families in crisis.
  • Workshops – we offer a range of free workshops on topics such as Relationship Skills, Life Coaching, Finance and Budgeting, CV Writing and Interview Skills and others to equip our community in the skills required to transform their own lives. We have uploaded free access to the Relationship Skills course for anyone who wants to benefit from this either personally or to run a course for the benefit of others.
  • Totnes House of Prayer – As well as the normal activities of a House of Prayer, this serves as a place of prayer for the town by the town, bringing together believers and facilitating unity that commands a blessing on our town and community.
  • Prophetic Evangelism – taking the love of the father onto the streets of our towns in the power and authority of Jesus the Son, seeing the lost come into a relationship with Jesus.

2. Equipping the Church (to Facilitate Community Transformation):

  • Teach and Activate on Prophetic Evangelism covering Treasure hunting, Healing on the Streets, Dream Interpretation and Spiritual Readings, Life Readings, or Destiny Words. We have been moving in this since 2007 and have seen hundreds come into the kingdom and healed.
  • Leadership Launch – This programme is for those in leadership, or about to go into leadership and those who have leadership on their lives and want to get ready for whatever the Lord wants to open up for them. It offers a spiritual MOT to the mature to deal with any issues that may have “slipped through the net”, providing a safe place for those in leadership to have their issues dealt with.
  • Online Mentoring – This programme is designed to equip you to align your character with your call. When God speaks, He speaks destiny over our lives, then He waits to see us take Him seriously and allow Him to change who we are so we can walk into who He has called us to be. This programme is designed help you understand what He is saying to you and teach you how to enable Him to change, heal and restore you so as to enable you to step into your call.

Please feel free to circulate our details to any church who may be interested in prophetic evangelism. We are happy to take teams wherever the Lord opens a door for us. Our heart is to release a hunger in the hearts of every believer, to impact the lives of those around them to come to know Jesus. It is so simple to release His power to those who do not know Him yet, if we will just give Him a chance to show us how.

Source: Lindy Strong, Marketplace Ministries –

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