In January 2016 I was cycling around a
roundabout when a car drove onto the
roundabout and ran straight into me. I think the
first time the driver saw me was when I landed
on his bonnet! As a result I suffered multiple
injuries* which kept me in and out of hospital
for a month and off work for a very long time.
Having never stayed in hospital before I found
it an interesting time! The most interesting
thing was people’s reactions. My Christian
friends seemed to fall into one of two camps;
they either seemed to think that with all the
spare time I was enjoying some sort of holiday/
sabbatical, or that I was wrestling with the
theology of pain and suffering. Both were
wrong. I wasn’t really enjoying anything
and the only thing I was wrestling with
was the pain and suffering itself!

But of course you do learn things in all
circumstances, eventually. Some of the
things I learned were:-
• When a bike and a car play paper,
scissors, rock – the car always wins.
• I don’t bounce or heal like I used to.
• Flossing with my left hand is difficult
but possible.
• Using the toilet is akin to a torture
• You learn to say thank you a lot.
• You can’t have too many friends.
• Life can change in an instant.
The last two are probably the most
During my recovery I had time to think.
I also lost two friends to cancer in this
period. I reflected about how well I’ve lived
my life and what legacy, if any, I would leave
behind. We all know we can only live each
day as it comes and that we should live ‘in
the now,’ yet circumstances often force us
to live for others, for a pay cheque etc.
Life can change in an instant, it can
also end in an instant. If you lived
as if today was your last day,

The Bible tells us that God created us
for a relationship with Him, that we can
know Him whilst we’re on this earth and
that there is a better place and a better
life when our time on earth is finished. It
tells us that God loves us. It tells us that
He gave us free will to live our lives how
we want.
Problems arise when we choose to live
selfish and self-centred lives, which
creates a barrier between us and God. It’s
what the Bible calls sin and it separates us
from God. But God has a plan that breaks
down that barrier – that plan is Jesus.
Sin needs to be dealt with and only Jesus
can do that. When Jesus died on the cross
he took upon himself the punishment
that we deserve. It is a bit like being fined
for an offence and the judge then paying
the fine for you.
Because Jesus ‘paid the price’ we are free
to know God; if we want to.
Jesus didn’t stay dead, He came back to
life and lived on earth for a while giving
final instructions to His followers before
going back to heaven again.

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