The difference it can make:
  • One person got his suspended Employment Support Allowance back with help from his mentor, who was able to assist with phone calls and documentation, meaning his Housing Benefit was also resumed, and he can keep his home
  • Another lady, practically bed-bound due to illness, has been going to the park and local cafés for the first time in months with the support of her befriender, and has learned to crochet, which gives her something enjoyable and worthwhile to do with her days
  • Another mentor has been helping her mentee to get to the gym – something which had not happened before, because they lacked the self-confidence to go alone
Mentors can help clients with CVs and job searches; getting onto training courses; finding GPs; visiting museums and art galleries; helping people rebuild relationships with families; manage finances; deal with problem neighbours; find their way around their area…or simply listen and be a friend.
If you are interested in setting up a Mentoring and Befriending Project in your night shelter, day centre or drop in centre, Housing Justice have created a free Mentoring and Befriending Toolkit along with other resources at
You can contact Tommy Cloherty for support and advice – consultancy advice is available as well as in-house training.

If you are an employer and part of the Business in the Community scheme looking to engage your workplace in voluntary work, please contact Housing Justice and download some flyers

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