V.Rose - Young Dangerous Heart

V.Rose - Young Dangerous Heart




    • Excellent Power Vocals
    • Brilliant edgy style
    • Positive, Affirming Lyrics


    Music Review - Young Dangerous Heart by V.Rose

    “I wanted to write an album about how I view the world in my heart.” Says V.Rose of the approach she took while composing Young, Dangerous Heart. “I’ve come to realize that the transition from the teenage years to being a young woman is such a vulnerable place.”

    “You can grow into a strong, confident woman or an insecure, confused woman, all depending on whether you play it safe and try to make people happy or whether you can listen and follow God’s voice in your heart. If you can do that, true joy is within reach.”

    V.Rose writes with intention about the lessons she’s learned en-route to womanhood with every cut on the album, “You often feel crazy, there are so many emotions and so much drama,” she says. “The only way to embrace and navigate through all the craziness is to spend time in the scripture. Write it down and put it on your mirror… it will give you what you need for each day. When you spend time with God in prayer and in scripture, you get to know him like a best friend. You learn to be like him, how to love what he loves and hate what he hates. It’s not about being perfect but to hunger and thirst for righteousness… is to be more like him.”


    When you think of strong female performers on the music scene that have come around in the last few years you might list Meghan Trainor, Katy Perry, Rita Ora and a few others. Well with this album, coming from the Christian market, I think you should definitely add V. Rose. With this album”Young, Dangerous Heart” she takes the female power-pop market and mixes it with some rap and hip-hop flavours and some very real emotional content which brings an innocence and rawness which is something the mainstream artists mentioned above could definitely learn from.

    From the opening of the first track where she taps the mic to check it’s on and putting her headphones on then straight into the track it shows that there is a sense of humour, and identification that although she is behind a mic she is just like anyone else who might do this same thing. The first track itself is “Take A Broken Heart” which is a message to anyone who has suffered heartbreak that when we can’t deal with it, God can heal a broken heart. This track features a collaboration with Derek Minor which helps blend the styles and adds a complimentary rap vocal.

    With V. Rose now signed to InPop Records there seems to have been a conscious effort to bring some known names onto the album to collaborate on some of the tracks. This certainly doesn’t hurt and gives the impression from just reading through the track listing that this is an album worth listening to. So alongside Derek Minor there is a guest vocal from Trip Lee on “I Love You So Much” and Angie Rose (no relation) brings her talent to “We’re Girls”. It is also no surprise to find Flame on “Money$ on You” as V.Rose has a history of collaboration on a couple of songs on his “Captured” album and then was also signed to his record label Clear Sight Music. Although these other artists help you discover someone you may not have heard of otherwise, but honestly the music on this album really does speak for itself.

    [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sqwRNNUkxw[/embedyt]

    Undoubtedly this album is aimed at the younger female audience. The real giveaway of course is the track called “We’re Girls” but also topics like shopping at the mall and making yourself happy which we find in “If I Don’t Have Love”. There are themes that touch on other important subjects like having someone dependable that you can always trust them to come through, this isn’t talking about a human relationship and that is made very clear through the lyrics of “Money$ On You”. “I Love You So Much (ILYSM)” is another track that speaks of something similar, it’s totally modern pop but is undeniably a worship song – probably not the type you would find in your church on a Sunday morning but it’s every bit as valid!

    I don’t think there were any tracks that didn’t stand up well on their own. A few of the lyrics could be misinterpreted for someone to think that in some cases that a romantic relationship could be the answer to some things, but only when a track is taken in isolation, in the larger context of the album I don’t think you could make that mistake!

    If you want proof that this album comes from a heart of worship then “Sinking Deep” is a passionate track that is out-and-out worship and would fit easily alongside the output of Jesus Culture or Hillsong, or any number of modern worship outlets. It brings a tenderness that is glimpsed throughout the album and infuses a cry of the heart and at times a heavy pop influence to create a track that is truly beautiful and my only reservation is that is is buried in this pop album which means it may not get the recognition or church take-up to let others worship to this excellent track.

    Overall this album is about the heart. The heart that gets broken God can heal, the hearts desire for things of this world that is nothing without love, and of course the “Young, Dangerous Heart” which is one that has grown up, seen the world and still beats strong to pursue the dream that God has given.

    V. Rose is a great talent who will appeal particularly to the female youth market and she’s every bit as talented and vocally powerful as any of those artists that get radio play. I think there is a clever head on those young shoulders and I hope that she will continue to bring this powerful, honest and unique blend of hip-hop, rap, ballad, pop and worship to a Christian market that, right now, needs more people who can cross musical boundaries.

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