Could you take praying for your neighbourhood one step further??194436

In a recent posting by the Neighbourhood Prayer organisation, an article by the BBC was mentioned about how local communities can support the elderly in the areas where they live. (

Norman Lamb, the Minister for Social Care suggested that local Neighbourhood Watch groups could not only be there to help reduce crime rates but also to provide the elderly with companionship and practical help, especially for those who live alone.

If you are already taking part in the praying for your streets initiative, could you take it one step further and offer some practical assistance to your neighbours?? The Neighbourhood Prayer Network shared the following:

“Neighbours & the lonely are on God’s heart! At Neighbourhood Prayer Network, while we encourage prayer as a foundation for everything, we also want to see neighbours cared for and opportunities to share the Gospel with our neighbours.

We know that many of you are already part of Neighbourhood Watch groups or similar church based initiatives. We are keen to know your views about this proposal and about any schemes your church is already running. Please can I ask you to email us your thoughts or to tell us about the work your church is already doing in this area? We will collect your responses and see if there is anything we can do as a charity to support these proposals on a wider level. Thank you. This will help us fulfill our aim of,’bringing prayer to our neighbours and bringing community back to our streets!'”

Please find below the prayer guide for prayer walking up to 70 streets in your neighbourhood.


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