Many people project the strengths and weaknesses of their earthly fathers onto their understanding of Father God in Heaven. For some that can result in a belief that Father God is harsh and critical and even those who had positive relationship with their earthly father can limit Father God to the image of a mere human.

Yet the greatest blessing to a life of faith is understanding the nature of our Father God in Heaven.

He is Love. He cannot help Himself. It’s in every strand of His DNA, which is everywhere and in everything. It is the missing element of Higgs Boson Collider, that breath of life and love that is imprinted in every molecule in every tangible and intangible object. He created everything for good and everything has the capacity for good, no matter how well hidden it might be.

He is eternal. In size, presence, time, depth of emotion and relentless love.

When you gaze at the sea as it rolls onto the beach, when you admire the strength and pressure of the deep, deep waters, it is but a taste of the depths and the strength of God’s power and His love for you.

When you look into the sky and begin to grasp that what we see is but a nanospeck of the extent of the full universe, so is our understanding of the full wonders of who our Father God is and what we may have yet seen of him. He is, and has, so much more.

When we struggle to relate to our Father God, it is usually because we struggle to forgive our earthly father for not being the dad we needed him to be. The United Kingdom is called the ‘Fatherless Nation.’ Sons have grown up without good father role models for so long, as a result of World Wars and a culture that for centuries learnt how to hide emotion. We have so little understanding and skill in how to father well. The split family we live with now is not the cause but the symptom, the ultimate result.

Yet whatever we lacked from our earthly fathers is more than compensated for by our Father God in Heaven. In my experience, those who have the deepest relationship with Father God tend to be those who had devastating experiences of fatherlessness or fatherly abuse as children. He truly does meet all our needs.

As I lie on the bed, my arms outstretched as Jesus did on the cross, I am reminded that Jesus died so that I, even a sinner, could have this wonderful eternal closeness to my Father God in Heaven. He is mine and I am His.


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